Don't Piss Off The Mama Bear

The Amazon cornered me in the bathroom when I got up to pee sometime in the night. With our work hours, that's usually the only time we have to share important information. It seems Boy Wonder chose yesterday to break things off with her.

I had high hopes for Boy Wonder.

His reason? Because she's Pagan and he claims to be Christian. He did admit that he's known for about a year that their relationship wasn't going to go anywhere, but he enjoyed the attention.

Excuse me.. what???

I'm SO glad this pot head, no car having, only has a job because TA got him one where she works mother fecker is a good little Christian. It's going to come in handy. First, he'd better get down on his knees and thank Jesus that she got him that job, because if he was still working the lunch counter at Wally World, with his beard hair net, I would have no problem finding his no ball having little ass. Next he'd better pray to Jesus that when I DO hunt him down to give him a piece of my mind  accidentally run in to him out in public, he just happens to be wearing a protective cup.

The really crappy part? I mean aside from admitting that he blatantly used her for over a year, he took her to Mickey D's after work to do it. Now, I know, some of you are thinking, "There's nothing wrong with breaking up with your girlfriend at Mickey D's!" But I'm pretty sure that was the ONLY time he's ever paid for ANYTHING the whole time they've been seeing each other.

Asshole. He'd better be changing his name and moving to another country. Mama Bear is pissed off.


Teressa Welch said...

Poor TA :( I remember when a boy that my daughter was really hot for, broke it of with her. I can still see her crying as she walked back up to the house. I wanted to KILL him, not exactly sure why I didn't.

And if you do go after this lowlife, I can spot you the 10% bail bond. GET HIM!

kenju said...

I don't blame you one bit - but I have to wonder why TA selected him to be her boyfriend - and why did she stay with him for over a year if he's so worthless? I think she has to bear some responsibility here, for choosing such a loser. Sorry, but sometimes mamas don't see things like that (except in others.)

Mahala said...

Love is blind :-)

Aarin said...

you want some company? i'd love to do some eye gouging myself, maybe pluck out all his nose hairs with acid dipped tweezers >:) she might not be my child, but she is my friend(of which i am fiercely protective)

Anonymous said...

Thank u for writing again I love reading the things u write

kenju said...

Thanks, Mahala, I appreciate it. Shit like this really gets my dander up.