I was full of hope for the new jammy job. I overlooked countless inconsistencies by the employer, telling myself I needed the money (and I do.) I completed the training, received a 98 on the final exam (which was a total farce, I'll get to that in a minute) and was ready to begin "nesting" or taking my first calls. But last night was the final straw.

When I applied, I was offered a choice of shifts. I chose the 6-12 time slot. When I went to orientation, which went until 12:30, I was told that those hours would be just for training. After two weeks, we'd have our regular schedules and those hours would be between 6-12.

Okay, I can deal with that. It's just for two weeks, right?

By the way, after an hour into "orientation" I was sent to tech support because I couldn't access all the programs from my computer and was kept on the phone until 3 a.m. A week later, I discovered I was only being paid for the initial 6 hours. That should have been the first red flag.

Training itself was a clusterfuck of astronomic proportions. Half the class couldn't access the software. The static on the internet phone thingy was unreal. You could barely understand what was going on. She'd send us to the lesson site to complete assignments, but the video wouldn't load or it would load and there would be no sound. We had to take the test to get credit for completion anyway. People would get disconnected from the servers constantly. "Oh that's just because we're in training," she'd say, blaming the RAM usage of the meeting website.

Last night, we listened to some live calls. What happens is, she accesses the desktop of a customer service person, without their knowledge and shows it to the whole class while we listen to his conversation. To make matters worse, this particular agent sucked at his job, leading the instructors to make comments regarding his performance to the class.

I didn't see a big deal with it, until it dawned on me how I'd feel knowing they could do this to me at any time.

As we watched, I noticed the chat window, where all the agents working and their supervisors keep in touch, ask questions etc. Every other line was another example of someone not being able to get programs to load, the phones not working, transfers not working, etc.

I took a lot of deep breaths over the past two weeks. I ignored my gut. I told myself to just get through the training. My 70 hour a week schedule (between The Asylum and the jammy job) was rough on an old woman.

Last Friday we had some of the team leaders come in and make sure we could all access all programs and software, then we were going to review for the final. The software check went better than we expected, but afterwards, our instructor said, " Uh oh guys, looks like there's been a change of plans." It seems she had received an email informing her that we had to take our final exam that night.

After we all got done panicking, she explained that the exam would probably be a little confusing because it was based on the old promotional program with different rules than the new one. Some of the questions would be on topics we had never even heard of.

We had to sit and write down all 45 questions and the correct answer because the questions would be in different order as would the multiple choice answers.

Some people still failed.


Last night I received my nesting schedule for this week. Wednesday, I'm scheduled until 1 a.m.

That's when I decided...

I sent a short email to the two instructors this morning, basically saying I agreed to work until 12, not 12:30, not 1 a.m. and sorry but.. bye.

I made enough over the past couple of weeks to at least get my truck payments caught up. So, there's that. I started looking for another online type job while I was still in class last night, but I think I'm going to take a few days to tell my spinning mind to just STFU for a bit. It kinda feels like Dorothy in the spinning tornado house in there right now.

Anywho, that's my latest. I know I still owe ya'll the story of the great bear hunter story. I haven't forgotten.

Ya'll have a good one, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

It is too bad you had to invest so much time and effort before you found out they were crooks. But there is always a lesson to be learned, and you will be better equipped to handle the next JJ.

tiff said...

Good grief!!

Celia said...

Ye god, it must be an epidemic. One of my sons got a job in a call center and the training and the job was just like that, bad trainers, software glitches, no access to screens, etc. And then after spending what they claimed was $6,000 or more per trainee, they let go his whole class back into the unemployment hopper. I'm sorry you were treated like that too.