Hope From the Holler

Right now, the dryer is sitting at the side of the road, the washing machine is in pieces, all the dishes are dirty and I'm covered in nasty, on the verge of a mild fit of anxiety.

In other words, it's life as usual here in the holler.

There is, however, good news on the horizon. I've completed the recorded interview for jammy job, part deux. I've picked my available hours (6pm - 1am, be prepared for zombified whining) and all that's left is the group teleconference, if and when I'm notified. At this point I'll just about have phone sex with prison inmates for cash. I'm sure whatever the new company has to offer will be less challenging. I'm secretly wishing to be the Garcia for a select task force headed by a Jack Bauer type commando, but I'll settle for selling more stretchy pants.

The Amazon still doesn't have her car, but she found a job listed for a library position at the Big City college, of the same university system where she went and got all high fallootin' and edumacated, doing pretty much the same job she did as a student.

The girl loves her some book shelving.

She currently works four hours a week at the local library (or librairdee, as she called it when she was little) and the director, supervisor, whatever the hell you call the head chicklet in charge of the local system, used to work for the very library T.A. is applying to, so she's hoping she'll have an "in." It will be a state position with all the related benefits, she'd be pretty much set for life.

Fingers crossed

Anywho, for now I'm giving myself permission to leave the dishes, the repairs and the cleaning for the rest of the night. It's not going anywhere and I'm tired. I'm allowed.

Ya'll have a great week.

Later Taters.


kenju said...

I am crossing everything on my body for TA and I do hope she gets that job. WOOHOO.

Good for you on the dryer. How did you wrestle it out of the house?

Mahala said...

I borrowed a hand truck from work Friday. Luckily I drug TA back out of bed long enough to help me get it out.

kerry said...

Oooh, what a great opportunity for TA - here's hoping and praying she gets it!

Also sending good vibes your way, Mahala. You're right, the dishes can wait.

Anonymous said...

Getting on with the state would great for her. I started that way late in life, but she could probably even get some more school in while she is at it. I have my fingers crossed for her...and for you. Eventually things will turn around, it just feel like forever sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Excited for the possibilities coming your way!!! Prayers from here, too.