More Like My Mama Every Day

So I've been all excited about the kitty in the yard. I asked Himself to send a big hunter that would stay outside, had smarts to survive and in exchange for food, he'd keep all the rodent like critters run off.

About the time T.A. brought Grimm home, I started seeing this cat with a big fluffy tail hunting in the frog pond, but never getting a good look at it. He always stuck to the shadows, prowling around, occasionally lounging under the locust tree. I only saw it at night, I figured the mighty hunter was shy of humans and probably spent his days snoozing under the trailer.

I felt a special kinship with God when I'd go out at night, enjoying the night air, listening to the frogs and watching for the kitty. T.A. and I had been debating names, even though she half jokingly doubted there was an actual cat patrolling the property.

Tonight, as I had my nightly commune with nature, I spotted him crossing the road, heading for the locust tree. I poked my head inside.

"Psst, c'mere. It's the kitty."

T.A. joined me on the porch. I pointed over by the truck, where I'd last seen him. Just as she was about to give up and back inside, we saw him scurrying back across the road.

"See? I told you there was a kitty!"

T.A. looked at me for a minute, her chin sinking back, her eyes rolling.. "Mama." She shook her head. "Woman, Ima need you to putcho glasses on. That was a SKUNK."

A white skunk. Oh well, I DID say it had a fluffy tail.


kenju said...

An albino? I never thought of such a thing!

Mahala said...

Actually, skunks here in the holler are mostly white. There are a few pure white with pink eyes, but most are just white with spots of black. They're really pretty as long as you don't tick them off.

Teressa Welch said...

A white polekitty...never heard of such! But, that's why we have you :) Just glad you didn't get *too* well acquainted!

Celia said...

Sometimes I think the world looks better without glasses but there are risks. Here's to the magic white heritage skunks.

BetteJo said...

Y'know when you wear your glasses too often, you actually see the cobwebs in the corners. Sometimes things just look more magical without 'em!