Well Damn

Some of you already know I quit the jammy job last week. The Readers Digest Condensed version of reasons is weeks of a drastic reduction in the amount of hours available to work during the hours I could, the realization that their definition of customer service was hanging up on or cutting off little old people who were sad and lonely, being offered 8 hours a week and having those 8 hours spread out over 10-12 hours only on Saturday or Sunday ... I could go on and on. Anyway, I quit.

I sat down last night and figured out my bills based on my Cubicle Asylum paycheck. I set up all my credit card payments on auto pay, figured out how much would be left for groceries and made my mind up to climb out of this cavernous ravine I've been wallowing in for years.

It would be tight, but doable.

I decided I'd devote my off time to my Etsy shop, I have loads of ideas for awesome stuff and creative things. I also decided I'd write a book.. re-decided. For real this time. Not just A book, but a series of books on different subjects from my life, collections of short stories.

Back at The Cubicle Asylum, it's been crazy busy. Quitting the jammy job would free me up to work some overtime, which in turn would help with the moolah dealio. Sales are good, me and Sparkles are swamped.
We can't keep up with the phone calls and quote requests. Maybe I'd even ask for a raise.

And then...

Starting next week we're cut to 32 hours a week.


Sparkles was livid. He was all... "I need you here. I need you with overtime. I need you here on overtime plus one more person part time. THIS MAKES NO SENSE."

I looked at him and said, "Know what? It's their game, their rules. Nothing we can do. Karma's a bitch. They'll find out the hard way."

It boils down to greedy corporate officers. We see the numbers. It's all bullshit.

So .... thank God it's Friday. I'm going to rest a while, make some iced tea, later I'll grill me a dirt burger and smoke one of  my high fallooting organic cigarettes. Then I think I'll have some bunny quality time.

Bunnies make it better.

Ya'll have a good one... cuz it's all good.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters.