Best Boss Ever In The Whole Wide World. Ever.

Sparkles headed out to Chattanooga the other day on sales calls.

"That's the land of MoonPies and Little Debbies!"

"Oh yeah?" he answered.

"Mmm-hmm. I used to live there. I know these things. You should bring us back some. I know they got some of those day old bread stores or something where you can get us a deal on some."

Sparkles got back today. I had to go to the weirdo eye doc. On a side note, the macular degeneration is only in my left eye. So I may not go blind. I might just go winky. Or I'll wear a patch. Like a pirate... cuz I'm cool that way.

Anywho, as soon as I walked in to the office, Sparkles was all... "HEY!!!! C'mere a minute!! Look what I brought ya!!"


And that is why he's the best boss ever.


kenju said...

WOW. He's really something. Good for you!

tiff said...

what a difference.

Lost in the Cube said...

It's about time you had a good boss! Makes working so much nicer.

BetteJo said...

This one just might be a keeper!