Visions and Visitations

Last night I dreamed that I had 8 babies.. at once.. a litter.. and the hospital was only letting me hold each one long enough to name them, then taking them all away. There was also a weird threesome with a childhood friend and her brother.. although she doesn't have a brother and I'm not normally into girls. Ever.

I hope this means I'm a little stressed and not that I'm turning in to my mother.

Speaking of Mom, I went to visit the other night after work. She said she'd had a rough week, but I suspect it was more a case of "WHY AIN'T YOU BEEN OUT HERE TO SEE ME IN SO LONG????"-itis. It's just been complicated finding the time for little things like jaunts to Big City between everything else that's been going on. I mean, I'm still trying to get the house in order. There remains a ginormous dresser in the middle of my bedroom that I need to go through and move, the kitchen table is still kinda piled with crafty bits and I'm still riding around with cinder blocks in the back of my truck, hoping for a power surge for the oomph to carry those mother effers in the house.

I do, however, have a nice, used roll top desk sitting on one side of the bedroom that is reasonably clean.

Getting back to Ma, I've been a wee bit ticked.. nay.. pissed off... that no one bothers to call her or go visit her. She has three brothers (two local) and a sister still kicking along with their assorted spouses, not to mention all the grown cousins who's asses she wiped every weekend during their diaper filling years so that their parents could go off galavanting all over hell and back.

It's a damned shame.

But anyways, what comes around goes around I reckon.

The Amazon is going to visit her newly found sister and all the youngins this weekend.. I think. She usually waits until I'm up for my late night tinkle to tell me these things, when I am neither awake nor otherwise functioning at all except on a purely instinctual level. So honestly, I'm not sure when she's going. If I get home and she's gone, I'll assume it's this weekend.

Back at The Asylum, all's well with Sparkles and me. When he first came back to his position as Sales Manager, he stopped in my cubey, sat down and started yacking about nothing in particular and in my head I was all, "Holy Crap if he doesn't leave I'll get in trouble.." then I realized that he was my supervisor and felt kinda silly.

And happy.


Back to the grind. Ya'll grind it real good.

Later Taters!!