Towmoo Chili and Home Repairs

There's finally a nip in the air in the holler. It's about time. I was starting to wonder if I was going to need to put the ac back in.

Today was my first of six.. count'em.. SIX days in a row off from The Asylum. I didn't plan to take that many together, being the lone sales ninja it is frowned upon, but the last mini cluster of days I had planned got cancelled when Bossholio walked out. After speaking with Sparkles, it was determined that we were running out of year and I'd better vacate. So, I typed up a list of instructions for Sparkles and another list for Thelma and ran out the door at 5 o'clock yesterday.

Lord only knows what I'll find when I go back on Wednesday.

I worked a couple of hours on the night job and with only 20 minutes left in the shift, I get a text from The Amazon that she had been in another accident.

I dunno what Ima do with that youngin.

She's okay, but her nice little car is scared up pretty good. No one got a ticket and no one went to the ER, so there's that.


I worked on cleaning out the bunny.. area. I also moved some hinges and slidey lock things so that I'm not using a chair to keep part of it closed anymore. I also got the porch more organized. I still need to figure out how to put the vacuum back together so I can work on the bedroom some tonight. T.A. had taken it apart to clean the filters and left on her little trip before putting it back together. I keep trying, but I end up with extra pieces.

I'm pretty sure I need all of them.

When T.A. wrecked, she was on her way home from visiting Long Lost Daughter in Tennessee. She spent five days out there, getting to know her sister, niece and nephews, brother-in-law and other members of an instant extended family.

It still feels like a dream.

I guess since tomorrow's payday I'll do my running around. I'll go see Ma, get my nails done, stop by Goodwill and look for some curtains for the bedroom. I love going treasure hunting at Goodwill. I'd better get a Christmas tree while I'm out. It's creeping up on us.

For now, I need to stir the chili. That's chili made with ground beef colored tofu. I think I shall call it "TowMoo."

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!