Horses and Bunnies and Melon Heads, Oh My!

See more pictures from the fair here.
It's cold and icky in the holler, a huge contrast from the sunny weather we had yesterday, when I took advantage of my extra day off and went to the county fair. There wasn't much to it,  barely worth the $2 admission fee. I did see a BUNCH of draft horses though, ya'll know how much I love me some hairy hooved horse critters.

Aside from loafing around amongst the hill folk, I hauled some stuff to the dump, where the dump dude dropped a metal cabinet on my head, barely missing my fabulous bling-bling shades (I'm fine.. no really) and took a load to the community thrift store.

I keep hauling stuff out and yet, the pile doesn't seem to get any smaller.

Our front porch is starting to look more like a place to kick back and relax and less like the overflow in a hoarders wet dream. While I was out there, I devised a plan to enlarge the bunny romping area using the screen door that separates my bedroom from my bathroom. Currently it serves no purpose other than tempting Ayla to ram her head through it.

God made sure I adopted that melon head from the pound because I'm positive anyone with any sense would have killed her by now.

I won't be doing any door moving today, however. My legs are all like, "Oh. Mah. Gawd. Bitch sit yo ass down. YOU ARE OLD," (said with an accent reminiscent of John Leguizamo in "Too Wong Foo," because all my body parts have foreign accents.) Most of what I've accomplished today, I've done on my butt, like sitting out on the porch with the bunny hutch open, trying to bribe them with parsley to like me the most. I've also been cussing, clicking and banging my head into the wall, attempting to teach myself Gimp. I had a bootleg copy of that other super expensive photo editing software on my other computer, but it's out in the girl cave and I need business cards and nail oil labels.

I could save myself a lot of heartache and bad nerves if I'd get off my lazy ass and go fetch the other computer, but sometimes the lazy outweighs the common sense.

I reckon things are looking up on the financial front. I got an email from one of the eleventy billion work-at-home customer service jobs I had applied for. My tax forms have been notarized and faxed, now I'm just waiting to pass the background check. I'm not sure how much of a criminal you have to be to flunk, but I'd say I've got a decent chance of making it through okay. I think I was bonded when I worked at the bank and I've not shacked up with any more ex con drug dealers since then.

So we're good.


I'm going to go piddle some more, maybe take a nap in front of the bewb tube. Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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tiff said...

Sure wish we had country fairs around here, but no. SO I'll enjoy your pictures and pretend we were there. :)

kenju said...

Ditto Tiff! I'd love to see the bunnies!

BetteJo said...

Piddle? That's what my mom called it when the dog peed on the floor. :)

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