Things Can't Get Better If You Don't Let Them Change

I've been struggling ya'll.

The Amazon and I are still trying to get the house back together after the installation of the new floor. We've taken the opportunity, while things were strewn all over anyway, to go through some stuff and either Goodwill it or haul it to the dump. When Ma was assistant director of the work center for developmentally disabled adults (now there's a mouthful) she was always coming home with some great treasure she found in the donation pile. We have clothes that have never and will never fit anyone in the house. Toys up the ying yang. Books she never read and that neither T.A. or I have any desire to read. It is a slow process.

Now that Ma's all tucked in over at Shady Pines, I couldn't see any logical reason not to move myself back into the house, bunny in tow, into the master bedroom. While the mission is far from accomplished, I am making progress. There was the problem of the bed. Ma's twin bed would have to go.. out of respect for her I won't go into details, just know that there was no hope for mattress rescue. I had a queen sized mattress but no box spring or frame. You can understand my dilemma. Luckily I discovered a junk.. no.. recycling place.. that sells gently used.. and beat all to hell.. furniture. I was able to pick up a frame, a queen sized box spring and a new kitchen table for $100. The frame and box spring are still on the front porch. I'm working on it.

Moving the bunny in to the house had it's own complications. She hasn't been caged since I brought her home, but there are three dogs and a cat running amok in the house and I didn't want her to become kibble. Or kick Yoda's butt. I decided she could live in the master bath, which is the width of the house and brightly lit, perfect running space for a hyper bunny. I bought a wooden screen door (which was on clearance for $10.. go me!) and installed it between the master bath and bedroom, reinforcing the bottom with hardware mesh, lest either the bunny or the kitty decide to go head first through the screen.

 I had been really worrying about Lola out in the RV. I'd come home and it would be 90° in there because the surge protector would have flipped at some point during the day, leaving the ac off for God knows how long. Now she's all cozy in the house. I think the cat actually enjoys her company, lying near the door but not approaching it. Ayla and Sammy pretty much ignore her. Yoda on the other hand, barks and whines and acts a fool. I think he just wants to hump her.

About two weeks ago.. I think.. I had Ayla shaved, which in itself probably isn't blog worthy, but since we brought her home at 9 weeks, she's been standoffish. She'd greet you, but would walk away when you tried to pet her. Any attempts at grooming would result in her flopping over on to her back and flailing her legs until you gave up. And she had so. Much. Hair. She had the big Pyrenees pumpkin butt.. or as I liked to call it.. a butt fro.. and her butt was off limits. When the vet tried to take her temperature, they'd have to take her in the back and hold her down. She'd scream like she was dying. Taking all this into consideration, I found a vet with a groomer on staff who would agree to sedate her if necessary. I didn't want her to be any more traumatized than she had to be, but I knew all those mats and what was becoming a dread locked tail had to be burning her up in the southern heat. When I took her in, she took one look at the groomer, lowered her head and growled. He was all.. "don't worry, she'll be fine" and took her off to the back. That afternoon I went to pick her up and didn't recognize her, not even as the vet tech handed me her leash. She went from looking like a giant black bear to a chunky, long legged greyhound. And? They didn't have to sedate her at all. But.. that's not the weird part. Now? She's decided she's a house dog. Before, I couldn't bribe her to stay in the house over night. Now I have to bribe her to get her to go out to do her business. She curls up on the couch and lays her head on your lap. She begs for belly rubs. She has NEVER wanted belly rubs. It's the weirdest thing EVER.

In the middle of all this chaos, I got pissed off at Bossholio (surprise!) and decided (again!) to quit my job. This time, I meant business. I stumbled upon a work from home company that Ma used to work for that contracts out home based CSRs for big companies. When Ma did it, she worked for the IRS. My computer was too out of date to meet the minimum requirements so I found a rebuilt Dell. Dual core processor, 4 GB ram, 1 TB hard drive (sweet Jesus!!) dvd.. blah blah blah.. for $230. (It's still in the box.. I CAN'T WAIT TO HOOK IT UP OMG.) I also got some headphones for the puter and the phone.. I was DETERMINED to get the hell away from The Asylum after being berated by Bossholio, then getting my 18 month review, which I waited over two years for, and being rated a TWO out of a possible five.. A TWO.. for dependability. Pissed me right off. Since making the decision to quit, realizing that I'd have to take a cut in pay with the new job, factoring in losing Ma's check, which used pay part of the bills and now goes towards her care and all the other stress.. I've been a wreck. Crazy even. I thought I was gonna have to call the noggin doc. I was crying all the time, sick to my stomach. It finally dawned on me today (duh) that quitting my job now would be kind of stupid. Just the stress alone of starting something new would probably do me in.

I'm keeping the new computer and stuff though. I can still do home based CSR part time on weekends for extra money, with another company. And hopefully, I can get my Etsy shopped cranked back up, once I get settled in.. hopefully this time, for good.

So now.. we're sorta caught up. And I can breathe. I apologize for the rushed post, but had I gone in to detail, we'd all have been in the home before I got done.

Ya'll have a good weekend. We'll talk again soon. Promise.

Later Taters!!

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Tonya said...

Sounds like things might start to ease up a bit. I think the pup might just be realizing how much better she feels with that hair gone. My spaniel mix loves her summer cut. Guess its a relief from the heat. She is hot even in the winter time so we keep her short. You might find that Ayla will be easier for you to groom now that she is short. She will be more open to being touched.

kenju said...

I feel for ya, Mahala, and you make me ashamed of being anything like pissy about my problems.

BetteJo said...

THANK YOU!! Was getting totally worried, glad you are .. there. And coping. Hope everything starts to get less complicated soon!

Teressa Welch said...

A 1 TB HD?? Holy Mother of Spock!! I hope the "new" machine gives you many years of good service.

Sounds like things are starting to come together, at last. I'm so happy for you! I agree that quitting, as tempting as it is , would create more problems than it would solve, but at least you have a way to make a little $ away from Sir Asse of Wype. Good for you!

Look forward to the next instalment!