Humbled By the Universe

So much going on right now and so many things I need to be doing, yet here I sit, sipping tea in front of the air conditioner.

I found out yesterday that a church group will be here early Monday morning to do a bunch of repairs to the trailer, free. I managed to keep from blubbering until I started back to work. It's amazing when prayers are answered. We've had a hole in our living room floor, large enough for a redneck couch potato to fall through, for some years. It's right in front of the fireplace, making things interesting when the power is out and we have to cook over flames. They're going to rip the carpet out on that end of the living room and fix the floor, then put down some tile or laminate.

Remember when I bragged that The Amazon and I had fixed the leaky toilet? Well, I don't think I bothered to mention that it was a week long process and that in the meantime, half the floor rotted away. We have a rocking chair toilet now. It's a little scary. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled and put my foot through the floor, all the way to the space beneath the trailer. That's going to be fixed too.

The kitchen faucet has leaked for about 8 years, when it rains the porch roof leaks right in front of the screen door.. bucket loads.. and the porch itself hasn't been painted since it was built about 13 years ago. There's a serious water leak under the house and when The Amazon was in middle school, she rocked back too hard in the recliner and busted a window. 

All will be taken care of.

Ya'll know I'm not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one. I am thankful beyond words that all these worries will be wiped away in a few days.

You have no idea...

Later Taters!!

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