Days Off Wear Me Out

It's sunny and cool in the holler this morning. The breeze though the windows is nearly perfect and there's a furry bunny sprawled out in the sun, resting after a morning of hopping around and tossing her new loofah toy into the air.

And I? Am a tared motha.

I took yesterday off. The county social worker, Ellen, was supposed to show up around nine or nine thirty, but dealings with the county being what they are, Dweeby Dorkwad showed up instead, before nine. The Amazon was not amused.

I told Ma that Dweeby was there to see her and she rolled out in my Aunt Martha's old wheelchair, hair brushed, clean gown, halfway sensible look in her eyes.

Ya'll can probably figure out where this is going.

Through the course of the interview, he asked Ma the questions they use to determine how lucid a person is. Do you know what day it is, the month, etc. Ma passed with flying colors. When we got to the subject of physical therapy, I mentioned to Dweeby that the nurse who had visited had suggested that Ma go to a .,. facility... where she could receive physical therapy on a daily basis. He turned to Ma and said he'd be back with a "plan" with options and that she could choose what she wanted to do.

Here we go again.

I followed Dweebus McDorkinuts back to his vehicle. I told him she wanders off down the road with her walker. I told him she talks to people who aren't there. I told him.. and I didn't sugar coat things.. that she has fits of the BATSHIT CRAZY and needs to BE SOMEWHERE.

His response?

"Do you have power of attorney?"

Me: "No."

"I guess we'll have to see then."

Well smack my ass and call me George.

So for now, I'm letting go. Let go and let God.. isn't that what they say? Everything happens for a reason, for the best and in its own time. I'll just be over here in my girl cave. Dealing with it.

After that lovely beginning to my day, I went to Big City to get my girls mooshed. Ya know.. my mamms o' grammed. Gotta keep an eye on the mamms. It's a very nice office, with free coffee and a bathroom, my two  biggest requirements after the long drive from the holler. Everything went pretty smooth, except for the left bewb. It's a little unruly.. kinda has a mind of it's own. It got picked up, moved around, rearranged, stretched and molded. I felt the nurse should have at least bought me a  McMuffin after all the groping that went on. I've had dates with less.

From there, I went to the eye doctor to get my glasses fixed. I broke them about two weeks ago. I was taking them off and the screw just shot out across the room and the lens fell out. Anywho.. he fixed them.. and charged me a dollar. WHO CARRIES A FRIGGEN DOLLAR ANYMORE? I had to use my debit card. FOR A DOLLAR.

I stopped by a pet supply store I'd been wanting to go to, found Ayla a huge detangling comb in the half price bin. Three bucks.. FOR THE WIN!!! I also bought the bunbun some orchard grass and a bunny shaped loofah toy.


THEN (yes there's more) I went to CVS and took advantage of some deals. I got five cases of canned Coke Zero for $15 and some toothpaste. I ended up with $7 in extra cash and I only bought stuff I would have bought anyway. Then it was Roses for a stick vac (I have to sweep alot of hay. I don't like to sweep. It was only $25. I m worth it) and Walmart for very few groceries, three prescriptions and some test strips for my glucose meter. And a pizza for supper.

And then? THEN it was nap time. Cuz good gawd ya'll, I needed one.

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