Sunny Days and Bunny Dreams

The sun is shining and the wind is whipping the leaves into a techno colored frenzy outside the girl cave windows, which, by the way, have been covered with plastic and sealed with duct tape, because my hillbilly blood runs deep.

And it's cold up in here.

I'm still operating off of two extension cords I have running through windows. Cousin H called last Monday and assured me he'd be down this weekend, probably Friday night so he and H Jr. could sleep over. The plan was to hit the ground running Saturday morning and fix my power and sewer line.

I haven't heard from him. Not a peep.

My spiritual side, the one that struggles to find a happy place, give everyone the benefit of the doubt and constantly reminds me that everything happens for a reason, is being taken over by that other side. You know the one. The crazy-bitch-oh-no-you-dint-head-swaying-ghetto-hillbilly side that is sorta kinda fed up. I wouldn't even care if I hadn't already paid him to come over. And? I suddenly remembered him stopping by the house over the winter, unannounced and for the first time in like 15 years to borrow $10. Which I gave him. Because I'm TRYING TO BE A BETTER PERSON.


Even if he DOES call tomorrow with an elaborate sob story, which may or may not be true, I think I'm going to sweetly tell him never mind. I don't want to cause him stress by giving him one more thing to worry about, ya know? Surely I can find someone around here.

Because everything happens for a reason.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know about this:

This is Lola, a 6 week old Holland Lop. I've wanted a bunny since this  showed up in our yard a few years ago, living under the Hippy Van. She ended up having baby bunnies and we've enjoyed watching several generations of the wild/pet mixed rabbits running around the holler. She eventually met her doom under the wheels of a car, which was sad, but kinda expected.

I had bunnies when I was a kid. My dad built a nice sized hutch in the backyard, telling me it was for someone he worked with, then surprised me with two Dutch rabbits, a broken brown (Cinnamon) and a broken black (Pepper.) This was all during those couple years before he and Ma got divorced, aka The Shit Hit The Fan era. As I got a little older, I considered that gift of bunnies as sort of hush money, which kinda effed up the joy of cute fluffy bunnies for me for a long time. The same kinda effed up I used to feel if I rode in a truck, thought about horse back riding again, going camping or looked at a banjo.

It's weird to like something (horses, bunnies, trucks.... I could kinda live without the banjo) but to get the heebeejeebies when ever you get around them. Buying my own truck (but a Chevy, not a Ford, take that old man!) was sort of a way of taking back myself. After a year of therapy, I realized there were a lot of things I denied myself, just because I associated them with crap that happened 30 years ago.

In case you're wondering, I don't walk around thinking about this regularly. I used to. I used to let it effect everything I did. I didn't go "Oh.. a bunny. I'll get a rabbit to spite the old man." It's when I stop and wonder why I've not gotten one before now that I realize the connection. It's because I'm better. It's because I DON'T let what happened control my every thought. It's because, as my doc said last month, "I think you've finally got your life back."

Okay, it's just a bunny. A sweet fluffy bunny who will be my roomie here in the girl cave. I've converted Yoda's old crate into a bunny home, complete with awesome purpular litter box. Ayla might be a little overly excited at first, but she doesn't bother the bird, other than to stick her nose up to his cage occasionally and give him a sniff. Ayla doesn't really approve of the girl cave. She spends the night in it, but the weather is cool and she'd rather be outside, on her back, spread eagle, airing out her girly bidness. The other two old  man dogs have declared the girl cave okay for a visit, but too hard to get in and out of, too cold and they don't appreciate the indignity of having to be lifted onto the bed.

They've abandoned me and now sleep with The Amazon, who is loving having a whole room now.

So you see.. I needed something to keep me company.

I pick her up the weekend of the 19th, which works out great because I'm off the WHOLE EFFIN WEEK of Thanksgiving.

In other news...

I finally got my Paypal account straightened out, but I STILL don't have a new debit card for my regular checking account. I already called once to make sure it was even issued... and it was.. so all I can really do is wait. It's killing me writing checks and trying to remember to write them all down.

I've given up on trying to get a good wifi signal in the cave. I even tried taping aluminum foil to the window behind it to try to redirect the signal. It didn't help. I've been unplugging the ethernet cable from the desktop and popping it in my little netty. I should be able to find a little $2 signal splitter so I can hardline the netbook. I'd phase the desktop out, but I still need it for important stuff like Second Life, running Photo Shop and ... ya know.. Bejeweled and stuff.

I'm going to work on some earrings today and I've been working on a new project, some little change purses, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop for new listings.

I'd better hop to it.

Hop. I crack myself up.

Later Taters!