Screwing Around with Cousin H and The Bunny Boy

Cousin H can bite me.

He called last Monday, several times, leaving woesome messages begging me to not be mad at him. He said he'd had his britches in a wad all weekend because he got "laid off" the previous Friday, this being the reason he never showed up to finish the job I ALREADY PAID HIM TO DO. When I did speak to him, he SWORE he'd be down this weekend.

Did he show up?


Did he call?


Asshole. I'm done.

The one day he DID come down and work, he wove me a sad tale of betrayal, of how Cousin B had hired him to put a new roof on my dearly departed uncle's house, but backed out of the deal when Cousin B's sister, Cousin CrazyassPsychoBiatch told Cousin B to stop sending "those people" money. "Those people" referring to Cousin H.

At first I felt sorry for him. Now I realize that Cousin B probably sent him money for supplies, but never got a roof out of the deal.

Also? I seriously doubt he got "laid off."

I'm trying to shake it off, but I'd really love to give him a big fat dose of the wut fer.


The Bunny Guy sent me new pictures of the future Girl Cave roomie, Lola. He sent a total of nine, but only one was sorta clear. Bunny Guy needs to work on his picture taking skills if he's gonna be a respectable bunny pimp. I reckon the pictures were to make sure he stays in my good graces. He's probably got a guilty conscience.. at least he should. His website said $35-50 for bunnies sold as pets, without a pedigree. Then, after I pick out Lola and name her.. and set up a cage.. and hay.. and a litter box.. he informs me it'll be $60. If I weren't such a sucker for a furry face, I'd tell him to forget it. But... he's just a kid and I don't wanna get into a confrontational pissing contest with a high school senior over a bunny rabbit.

Do you see a pattern developing here?

In other, expensive news...

I'll be spending at least one day of my Thanksgiving week off in the dentist's chair over in Scary Hillbilly Town having not one, but TWO wonky molars yanked from my face. They're both broken all the way down to the root. As a matter of fact, one half of the very back one is so loose, I have to pry it open with my tweezers to pick wayward chunks O' cuisine out of it. I knew it would have to go, the second one was a bonus surprise.

Yaay me.

I spent a big chunk of my weekend cussing a stubborn screw. Remember the big metal plate.. thing.. on the wall behind the stove in the Girl Cave? It had forty screws holding it in place. There was no way my old lady wrist would hold up to taking them out manually and my rechargeable screwdriver bit the dust, so I spent $25 on a new one. They make a $19 one, but of course Lowe's was conveniently out of those. I was able to remove 39 screws with lightening speed, then spent another entire day fighting with the one remaining screw.

It. Won't. Budge.

Today I stopped at the hardware store in town and picked up a ginormous, steel drilling drill bit, like I knew what the mutha eff I was doing, so I can drill it's stubborn little head off.

Take no prisoners.

Also, I made a bunch of AWESOME dangly, bellydance inspired earrings. Hopefully there'll be enough daylight left when I get off work to get some pictures.

For now, I guess I should get back to the business of Monday. Yippie-aye-feckin'-yay.

Later Taters!


Tonya said...

Today I can feel your bad luck pain. I bought an awesome leather jacket from a consignment store last week for a great price, took it to a cleaner that came highly recommended as he specializes in leather, only to have him call me this morning to tell me that his store had been broken into an my jacket was one of the things stolen. Breaks my poor little heart. Got a great deal on it, it fit perfect and I will never be able to find another one like it. So I am trying to not pout about it to much but I can't help it. This bad luck with money and stuff needs to stop for the both of us. Sooner better than later. Can't wait to see bunny pictures.

Mahala said...

I go get the bunny Saturday. I'm almost ashamed that I've got the excitement of a five yr old lol. Sorry to hear about the jacket.. that really does sound kinda like my luck. (((hugs)))
Maybe our luck will change for Christmas.

tiff said...

Seriously? SHeesh - you need to get a new pattern. :|

But hey, you scored a great new tool, so that's good, right?

Mahala said...

I am almost as ashamed at my giddiness at obtaining a new tool as I am the bunny. The screwdriver even has a little tiny light so you can see what you're screwing. I WANT TO SCREW THINGS.

Judy (kenju) said...

I have to have a huge filling replaced too, but I'm waiting until after the first of Jan.

I think the kid with the bunny needs to be taught a lesson. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with raising the price afterward!

Mahala said...

I'm starting to not like the dentist. And? I agree, the kid needs to learn, I'm just out of spunk for the time being.

BetteJo said...

.. pick yer battles..