Holler Hooters, Bare Butts and Big Cannons

I can tell right now that I probably won't be worth a cuss all day today. Bossholio is off (YAY!) and carpet layers are putting down some new turf in the GM's office.

Yeah. Unsupervised AND distracted. Work? Not gonna happen.

Eveyone in town is all aflutter over the new pub that's being built. For the past year or so, a handful of scruffy skateboarders, with their britches hanging down off their butts, have been using the concrete foundation as their own personal skate park. Construction finally began a couple of weeks ago and what has sprung up is seemingly three times the size of the previous structure.

It looks like a big ass saloon. The GM says it's gonna be the Holler Hooters and that me and Lulu will be table dancing there on weekends. I'll post pics soon.

Of the building. Not of me and Lulu table dancing. Some things, even the innerwebs isn't ready for.

This weekend the spa is hosting the annual civil war re-enactment. There are tents up all over the lawn and trucks rolling in hauling cannons and horses. If it's not sweltering hot tomorrow, I might take Ayla and walk down there for a looksee. It depends on how big of a dent I can make in the housework tonight. It seems that certain members of my household, since finding full time employment AND a feller, can't seem to find the time to attend to their domestic-like duties.

There is a litter box in my laundry room that is begging to have a grenade lobbed in it's general direction.

Miss Kittypuss is not amused.

As for me, I go back to the doc on the 15th to have my blood sugar re-checked and have the first great weigh-in. I went to the World of Wally last night to stock up on sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free.. basically cardboard and water.. to eat for the next two weeks for the final crunch. I'm denying myself the scales until then, so it'll be like... Biggest Loser-Mahala style. In my head anyway.

I'll be eating lots of fat free cottage cheese and turkey wienies. Don't feel bad, it's not as bad as it sounds.

Okay, really? After about the second turkey wienie lunch in a week, all I can think about is Quarter Pounder with cheese. Thankfully it's 45 minutes to the nearest Mickey D's.

Anywho, I guess I should do something. A nap might be nice.

Ya'll take care. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you have lost lots of poundage. Unlike my last trip to the Dr where the scales went where they have never gone before. It almost made me cry. Monday I am going to the Dr to start a weight program. Still don't think I can do the turkey wienies though. That just ain't right. Good Luck!

Mahala said...

Ball Park makes some 98% fat free turkey wienies with a mild smoky flavor that are really good. I've been pretty unimpressed with all the others I've tried.

I know of crying on the scales. ((((hugs)))

Cindy of PEI said...

I can't share in the turkey weiners with you as I don't think we have them in Canada, just chicken ones. However I can share the scale and Dr. story. I have a cure for that mickey D's though, each time you get a craving go for a walk, you will be tired of punishing yourself for thinking of a cheese burger, now any again I'll say to myself, "self, you don't need another walk today besides you didn't just think that thought, did you?"

BetteJo said...

I was doing REALLY well all week until I went to a flea market and gave myself permission to eat a fresh made waffle cone with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Sigh .. Here's a site that has awesome recipes - not stuff I would cook every day maybe - but still awesome for low carb - low sugar and all that. Luck!

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tiff said...

good luck on the cardboard diet. if you are what you eat, you should be brown, corrugated and flat in no time!