The Dubya Estate and Baby Zucchinis

Not that Dubya and not a baby zucchini
Before I say anything else, know that Bossholio's office flooded last night, he has no ceiling, roofers are getting yelled at and everyone is in a big butt wad.

I'm lovin' it.

Do ya'll remember Dubya? His estate is up for sale and I'm prodding The Amazon to try to buy it. It's a quarter acre fronting a state highway with a house, a couple of out buildings and existing lot renters, all for less than the cost of most used cars.

Okay so, the real estate agent, whom you would think would be sugar coating things just a tad, didn't use the word "house." I think the technical term was "dilapidated old shack."

Crazy Dave leases a spot for his trailer over there and his rent would cover the mortgage payment. Coming up with the down payment shouldn't be a problem at all... it's just getting through the technicality of getting T.A. approved for a loan. The shack house needs some work, but T.A. could work on it a little at a time before she moves in. If I wasn't already up to my armpits in bills or had either the house or my truck paid off, I'd be all over it myself.

But I have to stick to the plan.


The garden is growing like gangbusters. Especially the weeds. There are like three rows so grown up that I can't tell what's supposed to be growing there, but we had rain of gigantuan proportions last night and I stopped in town and picked up a $10 hoe at lunch so there will be weed beating taking place after work. I was going to try to till between the rows, but the way that thing bounces around and drags me all over the yard, I decided I'd better not chance it. My stuff is kinda crammed together anyway.

Live and learn. Next year I'll leave more room between rows.

I spotted a baby zucchini this morning. I have a feeling I'll be over run with them, tomatoes and beans. Anyone wanna come help can? If I get The Amazon moved across the road, I'm planning to get myself one of those cute little freezers to stick in her room.

Don't tell her, kay?

It's Friday ya'll. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Ya'll have a good weekend. We'll talk again soon!

Later Taters!!

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