Of Gardens and Signs from God

Sunny Creek

Spring is trying it's best to sneak it's way quietly into the holler. The temperatures range from damn near nipply at night, to nice and warm, bordering on boob sweat weather, during the day. I got up this morning and found the air conditioner running with the heat cutting on.

My body, it is confused.

Speaking of my fertility goddess-like body, it's shrinking ya'll. The Glucerna shakes, cottage cheese and broccoli are paying off. For the record, I'm about sick to death of broccoli. And cauliflower. I've resorted to nuking them with fat free cheese, but that just makes it all form a big wad that sticks to the back of my Melungeon shovel teeth.


I've been using Myfitnesspal.com (totally uncompensated endorsement, thankyouverymuch.) It's free and it does the math for you, keeping track of calories, fat grams, sugar.. whatever you want.

I had to take a break from the belly dance workouts, The Amazon was on days the past two weeks, but she goes back to nights next week, so I'll have "me time" to shimmy, pop and groan. It worked out well because my uterus has been in a state of unrest for the past week anyway. I probably would have dropped some reproductive organs had I attempted a belly roll.

Last weekend I put on my work boots and headed out to the someday-I-swear-to-God-it-will-be-a-garden, grabbed the tater fork and started beating hell out of the soil, trying to break up where crab grass has crept over the surface.

My back has been in a wad ever since.

I'm going to wait until next month and hopefully catch a good sale, then I'm taking my Lowe's card and buying an electric cultivator.. which is a fancy way of saying "tiller you gotta plug into an extension cord." I'm tired of pussy footin' around with this chit. Then? I'm going to buy seeds from this shop on etsy. You can't get 27 different kinds of veggie seeds for $22 from the World o' Wally. I'm sure I'll have way too many seeds for the space, but I'll find someone to take the leftovers. Or, just dig up little mini-gardens all over the yard.

The Amazon doesn't know she's gonna have to can all this chit after I pick it. It'll be our little secret, kay?

Remember when I said I wanted to buy a camper and move out in the yard? I'm dead serious and I spend an unhealthy number of hours each week looking at used campers for sale. Last night I found the perfect one just over in Johnson City:


And look:



Sorta. Maybe.

Anyhooter, I should probably like.. do some work and crap. Ya'll have an awesome weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!