My Weekend in a Nutshell

We're having a heat wave here in Frog Pond Holler, with temps predicted to hover around 60° today. If I have a sudden urge to take off my shoes and frolic carefree in the field in front of the office, hopefully my coworkers won't have me locked up.

Here at The Asylum we're being assaulted by a second wave of Black Plague infestation. Lulu, Bossholio, the GM and Jasper are all hacking, snorting and spewing assorted bodily fluids. Back at home, The Amazon has been doing all of the above, with added bouts of whining, snoring and a little drooling.

It's going to get me. I know it is.

I've been sucking down bottles of water laced with orange flavored powdered drink mixes that contain uber doses of vitamin C and B, making the sign of the cross whenever any of them get near me and using my Bath and Body travel sized hand sanitizer like a vial of Holy water while I chant in pig Latin.

But I can feel it creeping in my chest.


Over the past week or so, I've been spending all my couch time, diligently crocheting away on a lovely afghan to list on Etsy. It was burgundy, dusty rose and ecru and done in squares with a wagon wheel motif. I was so proud of that afghan I could burst.

Then I washed it for blocking.

It came all to pieces.

I guess I'm out of practice. Thankfully I took a pic of it with my cellphone before I washed it:


I feel like such an assmonkey.

After I take the sewing machine apart and pick all the bird seed out of it, I've got plans for some pillows made from sari fabric. Once that is accomplished I'll make a new baby afghan.


And now? Now I'm going to take advantage of Bossholio's absence and rest my eyes.Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!



Ashley said...

I followed you on Twitter the other day but I just read your blog today. I'm sorry for not reading it right away but if you've read my Twitter description, you'll know why. :) (@AshleyAEubanks)

BetteJo said...

It's warm here too - at least - above freezing for the moment. Enjoy the weather and try not to get sick!