Buggy Inspiration

The power was out in Frog Pond Holler yesterday, giving us all an extra day off from The Asylum. We knew about it ahead of time, the electric company was making some repairs to the line, way up yonder on that hidden pass where crap falls down every time it snows, causing us to be sparkless for weeks at a time.  As a bonus, they had the lights back on by noon, five hours sooner than their predicted finish time.

We could have worked half a day. A good employee would have taken a shower, gotten dressed and headed on in to the office without hesitation. I used to be a good employee. But good employees get more than a 1.5% raise every two years.

So I stayed home and worked on Ma's bathroom.

I have been to the seventh level of Purgatory, it lies beyond her bathroom door. I called upon the forces of assorted toilet cleaning deities, casting their scrubby bubbles upon the grotesquely stained porcelain and did not emerge until the sparkling shine became so intense, one could become blinded if looking directly in to it.

I have worked a miracle with these hands people.

Ma's social worker called me yesterday. Today, she will be moved to a nursing facility for physical therapy, probably  just for two weeks, then she's coming home. He feels that she's been exaggerating her symptoms to keep from going anywhere because she's decided she likes it there. When I talked to her yesterday, she told me she wasn't going anywhere.

Today could get interesting.

The place she's being moved to has field trips, a Wii with a big screen t.v., two computers with internet access, arts and crafts and a garden with a gazebo.

If she won't go, I will. Sounds like a vacation to me.

In the meantime, I'm packing up all the clothes that are piled up all over her room, the ones she hoarded when she helped Aunt Moses run the work center for developmentally disabled adults. They don't fit anyone in the house, they never will and there's absolutely no reason to keep them. The Salvation Army is in for a big donation.

For the past few days, there's been a ladybug living on my bedside table.

Just the one.

I dunno what it's living on or why it doesn't go somewhere, but I figured it must be a sign.

Because sometimes you just need for there to be a sign.

So I looked it up and found that ladybugs are a sign of ending worry and finding happiness, of letting things flow and of the granting of wishes.


It's Friday ya'll. It can only go up from here. Have an awesome weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!



Anonymous said...

God I hope the thing about ladybugs is right. I have them in my bedroom, bathroom and my car. I Lord knows we could both use a break from worry...and it would be great to find just a little bit of happiness. Fingers crossed.

kenju said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

BetteJo said...

Sometimes when even a little bit of stress is relieved, it's huge! Hoping it lasts.