Going Bump in the Night

A Walk Around the Holler 008
Scenes from our walk around town Tuesday. More on Flickr.

I was startled awake at 2 yesterday morning to find Ayla standing over me, barking that shrill puppy bark inches from my face, as has become the habit in my house for the past week or so. I have no idea what happens at 2 am that gets her all keyed up, but you could set a clock by it. I usually lay there and try to reason with her, which makes about as much sense as trying to strike up a bargain with a toddler who won't go to sleep, then give up and just put her outside. She looks at me all hurt and sulks over to her dog house where she flops down and passes out, then I go back to bed and mentally kick myself for being such a sucky fur mom.

But this time, as I pleaded with her to shoosh and go back to sleep, just about to give up and walk her to the back door, the power flickered. She froze. Then, it went out.


She slowly climbed onto the foot of the bed, stretched out and rested her head on her paws.


She didn't make another sound.

I got up around 4ish, which freaks me out because I read once a long time ago that 4am is the "hour of the wolf," when they howl and bay at the moon and that more people die in their sleep at 4am than any other hour of the day.

I always seem to wake up at 4am.

Anywho... I got up and found a candle and a lighter, so that I could find the flashlights and hand them out to Ma and The Amazon, then used one to dig around for my cellphone before going back to bed. Festus called from The Asylum around 7:30 tell me to go back to sleep, no sense in coming in just to be sent back home.

I got a free day off. Yay.

Me and The Amazon took Ayla for a long walk, I took some pictures and played in some beads. The lights came back on around 6, just in time to fix dinner. It was the perfect day for the power to be out. Not too hot, nice cool breeze.

It was a nice day.

So I'm humping it double time on this Humpday. But I don't mind. I enjoyed the break.

Ya'll have a good one, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a free day off. I so love when that happens. Glad it was a good day for you. Hey maybe the whole power going out will break that 2 a.m. wake up. Might have scared her enough to break that habit. LOL