Shotguns, Meth Heads and Lita Ford

It's warm and sunny in the holler today. My inbox is empty, I've got 80's hair band power ballads blaring from my speakers and it's almost payday.

It's going to be a good Humpday. (I think.)

Some of ya'll might remember a while back when The Amazon was looking high and low for a car, PG (the purchasing guy) had a nice used one for sale. He'd told me he'd rather not sell it to anyone here at The Asylum, then turned around and sold it to the resident meth head. The car ended up being confiscated by the po-po when it was used to commit a crime and the powers that be finally fired the meth head after she got arrested.

I didn't hear anything else about Drunken Debbie the druggie much after than, other than the occasional arrest report in the local paper. I assumed she was crashed out somewhere upon the mountain at the end of the dirt road where she lived across the road from her parents.

Monday she was found swinging from a rope tied to a light fixture in her bedroom. She had left a note. Her mother found her, but luckily she had left Debbie's 8 month old baby with her other daughter.

Lawd have mercy.

I didn't really know Debbie and I never met her family. No one here at The Asylum even knew she'd had a baby, but good God, how my heart aches for her mother. I can't imagine what kind of pain she must be suffering through. If you're the praying type, if you could give these people a mention, I'd appreciate it.

In other Asylum news...

We found out earlier this week that the engineering department is being moved up here with the rest of us. Thelma will be moving up front to the old receptionists desk and The Groper is moving in to her old office.

Directly across the hall from me.

A friend suggested I buy some mace, but I may go old school hillbilly and bring Ma's .22. I used to be a pretty good shot.

Anywho.. ya'll have a killer Humpday. Here's a little classic 80's hair band music to get you through, with Ozzy and Lita Ford. I totally wanted to be her back in the day.

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