Skunks, Prophecies and Dead Cameras

I awakened this morning to the fresh scent of skunk juice, the perfect start to a Monday morning. They only seem to spray right outside my bedroom window. It smells nasty enough to make your toenails curl.

Speaking of toenails, mine is going to fall off. It's turned solid white.. like death white. I can wiggle it, which feels gross but I'm compelled to try at least once a day. I have a feeling my gimp toe is going to be a source of sick amusement for me for quite a while. 

Don't worry, I'll be sure to share any new developments. 

~ ♥ ~

I wrote awhile ago about having read the Celestine Prophecy books and the effect they had on me. Recently my thoughts have wandered back to things of a spiritual nature, sort of in the back of my mind, tapping on the door of my consciousness. Having made it through therapy has helped to clear out some of the junk spinning around in there enough for me to make sense out of some things. 

Okay, that sounded a little nutso.. even for me. 


Yesterday I was laying around being lazy keeping my toe elevated after spending Saturday weed whacking and hedge lopping and decided to kick back with my net book and watch a movie. When I stumbled across a movie version of The Celestine Prophecies I squeed with glee. 

No, for real. I squeed. It made me happy. 

~ ♥ ~

Remember the other day when I said Pupzilla had eaten my camera case? Well, she not only ripped through the indestructible Samsonite case, she gnawed a big chunk out of the buttons. The camera comes on, but that's about it. If you can't push the button, you can't take pictures and well.. dammit.. now I don't have a camera. The really sucky bit? Just hours before realizing my camera had been rendered useless, I had ordered a new usb cable for the damn thing, because Pupzilla ate that too. 

I love my pup but dang.

She'll be six months old this Thursday. Maybe we're almost done with the chewing stage. 

Yeah I know. Let me dream okay?

~ ♥ ~

Alright ya'll, let's take this Monday by the chin hairs and hit the ground running. Spring is in the air, the birds are squawking and there's a rustling in the brush. It's time to get moving. 

We'll talk again soon!

Later Taters!


Tonya said...

Girl you have a long way to go with the chewing...I had a chocolate lab that ate three sets of mud flaps, an entire electric dog bed (while it was plugged in) and a board off the side of our house. Just be prepared.

Jeni said...

Yeah -I so agree with the chewing bit -a long, hard road ahead there. Not Sammy, the dog we have now, But Hercules, the mutt we had about 8-9 years ago, was quite the master at chewing. He managed to snag the nice little camera my older daughter had given me for Christmas -the kind that only used that special shaped advantix film ya know. It was on my computer desk, pushed almost behind the keyboard but he managed to grab it and mangle it in to a mashed up mess. (My newest camera -a digital present to myself 2 years ago this past Christmas, I managed to drop along the road and as a result, the lenses is now wedged and is non-functioning too. That was actually dog related though as I was taking a picture while walking Sammy when he suddenly jerked the leash causing me to lose my hold of the camera and down it went. What is it with dogs and cameras and catastrophe becomes part of the picture then?

tiff said...

I'm all about the toe updates. Bring 'em on!

kenju said...

Sorry about the toenail. I have a blister scab on my little toe that and I can't pry it loose either.

Sorry about the pup. The last dog we had chewed everything in sight for about 2 years, including 2 upholstered love seats, an antique chair leg, several carpets, many shoes and children's toys. She ate everything except the chew toys we bought for her.