Muddy Monday

It's cloudy over the holler this Monday morning, leftovers from the weekends gullywashers. Everything in my life is covered in mud. My truck, the dog and oh my damn.. the kitchen floor all need to be hosed down. I know it would be a lost cause if I try to get things cleaned up before the ground dries up a little, so for now I'll just try to look the other way.

This weekend's highlights:

*Friday night after everyone else had gone to bed, Ayla discovered a hole in the fence and got under the house. I was out there at midnight, in my nightie, in the RAIN, ripping the skirting off the trailer and sticking my hand through the hole, in to the darkness, waving a piece of cheese around trying to get little Miss Houdini back inside. Wooohooo I know how to live it up on a Friday night, huh?

*Saturday, after The Amazon got home, we worked on fixing the fence and moving some stuff around. I was in the throws of Aunt Flo's tardy visit and on an emotional rollercoster ranging from whiney assed to Bitchy McCrankypants and ended up trying to move Ozzy's old doghouse by myself. I eventually dropped the ginourmous doghouse on my big toe, which is now a nice purpley blue and may or may not be broken.

*Sunday morning I decided that I would not be out done and went out to work on stuff some more. I finally got the dog houses where I wanted them and sort of got things situated. By Sunday afternoon, the bugginess had begun to set in. Sinus pressure, runny nose, chesty coughing.. great. I'm having a relapse of the Black Plague of Death. I sent The Amazon to the dollar store for feminine hygiene products, Mucinex and ice cream while I gave up, said to hell with it and crawled in bed. I spent the remainder of the day watching a marathon of a BBC series about demonic possession on the Chiller channel.

I didn't sleep much last night, with the aches, pains, chills and sinus headache.

Hello Monday.

I'm going to go swallow some ibuprofen, do some filing and whine about my big, purpley, swollen throbbity toe to anyone who'll listen.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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Web-Betty said...

Damn, that's one sucky weekend! I bet you've never been more happy to see a Monday. I hope your week is better than your weekend. :)

tiff said...


Anonymous said...
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BetteJo said...

Cheese fixes anything.