Naked Body Parts

I totally just took a picture of my new throbbity toe, in my office, with my phone. This pretty much sums up my weekend.

I got this little beauty.. well two actually.. the second to last little piggy is pretty swelled up too.. when I tripped on the vacuum cleaner. The stupid belt popped off and I had left it sitting out to fix later, then forgot and fell all over the living room.

I'm graceful like that.

This is the same foot that I dropped the dog house on last weekend. The nail on my big toe is still a nice grapey color.

Bossman is out of the office this week, so I've been up to my bootay in alligators, but I'll check in when I can. We're off for Good Friday, I'll have plenty of time to get caught up this weekend.

In the meantime, um.. watch those toes.

Later Taters!!


croneandbearit said...

I don't mean to laugh at your infirmity, but we hafta be related coz I thought I was the only one who did this stuff - I've almost hacked off digits, tripped over everything in the house including myself - broken bones, dislocated shoulders - I'm a freakin' walkin (or limping) disaster most of the time. You crack me up. But hope the tootsies get better soon!

BetteJo said...

Oh man I know how painful those toe stubs can be! I imagine that brought out the profane Mahala!!