Of Pupzilla and Bingo Wings

They're calling for more non-specific ... stuff.. to fall out of the sky over Frog Pond Holler this weekend. The general opinion is that we'll get more freezing rain than anything else, but we're right on the rain/snow line so.. who knows what'll happen.

I figure it'll probably be a blizzard, seeing how I have to take Pupzilla and the Boston Baked Beagle to the vet in Scary Hillbilly Town tomorrow morning. Pupzilla needs her incision checked and the Beagle butt's hair is falling out again.

I think I'm gonna make him a full body doggy toupe'.

I'm still convinced he's got mites. If I haul him all the way down there and they give me more antihistamines (they do nothing) ya'll might hear about me on the news.

SCARY HILLBILLY TOWN-A Frog Pond Holler woman was arrested on Saturday when she unleashed her ginormous puppy, dubbed "Pupzilla" by locals, on the employees and patrons of a local veterinary clinic. Cries of, "Oh my goodness look how cute she is," turned to screams of horror as Pupzilla lept on unsuspecting heads, ripping the hair from their scalps and growling like an angry gorilla instead of the 11 week old pup she was.

An eye witness to the carnage had this to say, "The blood.. the hair.. the gut wrenching puppy farts fueled by table scraps of Bojangles chicken.. it was horrible!"
So yeah.. pray for mange treatment or I may have to take up a collection for bail money.

Back at the trailer, our plumbing still isn't fixed. We're having a horrible time getting anyone to come out and take care of it. We've had lots of promises, but no one has shown up yet. It's getting a little smelly.

Guys who do plumbing work tell us they can't because they don't have a backhoe. We found someone with a backhoe who said he'd come dig it up, but he and the plumber/handyman guy can't seem to agree on a time when they're both free.

Here at the Asylum, it's busy ya'll. I've got papers up to my bingo wings and Bossman is back to his perpetually pissed off state of being. It doesn't bother me though, I'm too busy trying not to doze off. My friend FMF has been hanging around a little the past few days, making it hard for me to get anything done. I have a feeling that once I get out of jail get home from taking the furbabies to the vet, I'll sleep the whole weekend away.

After I haul a bunch of stuff to the dump. Oh yeah.. and go to the laundromat. And mop the kitchen.. to remove puppy footprints and other puppy byproducts, which get wiped up yet are still screaming for a good scrubbing. I should probably do my taxes too.

I do hope I get a chance to play in my clay a little this weekend, I've got a few things I'd like to make. I'm not on another big money making scheme by the way. I just like to play in the stuff.

Anywho, it's Friday ya'll. We've almost got this week licked. Hang in there and we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Dianne said...

I take it you did not get arrested since it is Sunday and a plea for bail money has not been posted

I hope the pups are OK

thanks for stopping by for Mia, I appreciate and need the hugs

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