A Dumb Ho

The sun is shining bright through the bedroom window and down on Frog Pond Holler this afternoon. The snow that fell over the past two days is slowly melting away and I'm not trying to hock up a lung every ten minutes.

Things are looking up.

The house is still a wreck, but T.A. did manage to haul the trash down to the dump for me yesterday. I could wash a few dishes, dust and vacuum, but I'm not going to. I'm only doing laundry to avoid going to the Asylum either naked or stinky for the next week. I'm determined to knock the rest of this feckin' plague out of my system today. Bossman is off this week, so I'll be flying solo. The past month as been such a clusterfuck with taking Fridays off, losing a week from storms and then only being half way productive while trying to work through coughing fits and sneezing spells, that I'll be starting the week so far behind, I'll be able to see my own butt on the horizon.

In other news, T.A. informed me yesterday that my trashy big boobed cousin with the lazy eye had tried to get her debit card number. I knew the tramptastic little hobag was up to something, the way she's been fawning over T.A. like she was the best thing since sliced bread, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then, the other day, she asked T.A. if she could deposit $200 in her checking account then use her debit card to pay her phone bill. T.A., being smarter than the average bear, told her she couldn't have her debit card, realizing the whole thing sounded a little shady anyway. T.B.B.C. told her that was okay, she could just give her the number. Thank goodness my child has some sense.

This from the cousin who's stolen checks from Ma and nearly went to jail for the big tobacco heist back a few years ago. Sure.. we'll trust you with our bank card information.

Get real. Sheesh.

If she asked me, I'd tell her to get off her triflin' ass and get a job or at least tell that deadbeat husband she found on the internet, then drove to N.Y. to get, bringing him home with her to live before she'd even met him face to face, to get off HIS delicate little butt and find a job.

I'm a little annoyed. It's taking ALOT of self control for me not to go over there and knock a whole in her head.


I'm gonna go stretch out and see what's on the boob tube. Ya'll enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

I worked over four hours today, and now I'm gonna stretch out in my recliner and put on my snuggie and see what's on TV too. ENJOY!

poopie said...

I love me some T.B.B.C. Everybody in the south has one, ya know ?

Aarin said...

quite honestly, were it me, even in the plague state u are in, i would go over there and say this... "for $50 i can have you killed and no one will ever find your body. get your life in order and leave me and my child alone"