Vampires, Werewolves and Buying Groceries in a Cave

Nothing was accomplished this weekend. I slept 'til noon Saturday. NOON. Then? I took a mid afternoon nap. I got up at eleven yesterday. I took another nap later in the day, then slept all night and had to fight to get out of bed this morning.

At least I'm not nodding off at my desk while up to my bootay in alligators like last Thursday and Friday.

But anywho..

All that sleeping made for some weird dreams about Gypsies in red standing over me, grocery shopping down on the reservation, exploring caves, looking for artifacts with a big, burly (sexy) guide and a giant stack of black and white photos of war prisoners.. which I gave to the Gypsy's daughter.

Oh yeah.. it was all the same dream.

All that exploring, shopping and mystery solving was hard work. It's no wonder I never felt rested.

Then? Last night I dreamed I lied to the authorities in a French speaking country while on vacation so that I could illegally obtain a Golden Retriever that they were going to put down. She had weird, mitten type bandages taped to her feet.

The only thing I really sat down and watched on t.v. this weekend was "Rise of the Lycans," twice. But do I dream about vampires or sexy, hairy, barechested, werewolf/human hybrids? Nope. I dream about Golden Retrievers.

Gypsies don't even wear red.. do they?

I dunno.. maybe I was hitting the Pepto Bismal too hard.

Ya'll have a good week. We'll talk again after I clear the cobwebs. Am I even awake now?

Later Taters.


Jay said...

I usually have to be hitting the NyQuil to have dreams like that.

kenju said...

Apparently you NEEDED that sleep!!

tiff said...

Dude - I have those dreams all the time! Awesome!