Of Wolves, Hoovers and Dirty Dishes

It's Humpday in Frog Pond Holler and this week already feels like it's been two weeks long.

Yesterday was like a marathon, I ran around all morning here at the asylum, got off at three, picked up the Amazon, went to the noggin doc, stopped for a bite to eat then headed to Wally World for groceries. I finally got home around 9.

It's no surprise that I over slept a bit this morning. I staggered into the kitchen to put the coffee on, having to dig through boxes of cereal and mooburger helper to get to the pot. I didn't get around to putting the rest of the groceries away last night. Both sinks, half the counter and part of the stove are piled with dirty dishes, so getting water to make the coffee was a little tricky, but I managed.

Digging through the noodle encrusted plates and foul smelling cereal bowls to get to the water (trailers have very tiny sinks.. don't judge me) reminded me of my Uncle Tommy. He would wait until his house got so bad that you could smell it before you got to the front door, then he'd call me to come clean it. He paid me well and I needed the money, so I'd jump all over the offer.

Well.. that and it meant I got to play with the wolves while I cleaned.

Tommy had two wolf cubs, Luna and Lobo. They were actually 75% Timber wolf and 25% Malamute and beautiful. As they started to get bigger, he ended up giving Luna to his girlfriend. She was growing into her wolf-like personality and it was just too much to try to manage two of them and work. Lobo, on the other hand, was a big goof ball. I loved that guy to pieces, even when he tried to kill the vacuum cleaner. He was silver-gray with yellow eyes and followed every step I took when I was there.

One afternoon when Lobo was almost a year old and I was 8 months pregnant with the Amazon, my Uncle Tommy got in his car, drove down to the docks to his houseboat, made a few phone calls and then ended his own life with a gun.

It's funny what a sink full of dirty dishes will make you think about, huh?

I tried in vain to get Lobo for myself after Tommy died, but Ma put her foot down. I can't say I blame her. I've been looking at pictures of Timber wolf hybrids this morning. I'd never buy one, I don't believe in the breeding of wild animals with domesticated ones, just so people can say they have a wolf for a pet. But if I were to stumble across one who needed a home...


I'd better get my backfield in motion. I hope ya'll have a howling good Humpday. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


SierraBella said...

Did Lobo get a good home?
(One of my dogs was named Lobo, but he's such a goofball we now call him BoBo.)

tiff said...

Hmm, what does TWO sinks full of dishes make you think of? :)

kenju said...

An old apartment I lived in in Norfolk years ago had a very deep, divided sink, also very wide - with a sliding drain board that you could cover half the sink with. I used to fill up one side and not wash the dishes in it until the other side got full. It smelled horrible!! I was very lazy back then.

BetteJo said...

I am absolutely not commenting on the state of my sink. Or counters. Or stove. Or even my kitchen floor, so don't ask!