Modeling for Sexypants

It's raining.. again.. here in Frog Pond Holler. Mold is going to start growing in my armpits with all moisture in the air.

I got caught in a hellacioius rain storm when I went to Big City the other day. Some of the streets were flooded and I chuckled as all the tiny little, eco conscious cars pulled to the side. Me and Jolene just plowed right through. There's something liberating about driving a big mohunkin' truck.

When I got there, I found the waiting room so packed to the gills, they were almost over flowing out into the hall. A room full of cranky arthritis patients, all comparing aches and pains, trying to out do each other with the severity of their symptoms and how far they had to drive to get there.


When I checked in, I had to have my picture taken for my file. I was not prepared for this. If I'd known, I would have done something to my hair other than shoving it in a scrunchy and perhaps indulged in a little spackle and paint.

I was a mess.

But it was all okay because I was going to see Dr. Sexypants. I'd ran home at lunch and shaved my legs, clipped my toenails and slapped on some smelly lotion in preparation. When the nurse led me into the P.A.'s exam room instead of Dr. Sexypants, I was a little perturbed.

No Sexypants for me.


He probably got a glimpse of my picture, changed his name and moved to Cuba.


I'm so glad it's Friday. It's not been a bad week, Bossman has been out since last Thursday so it's been kinda quiet. I'm still poking around, looking for a new job in between sales ninja duties. I think everyone else is looking for a new job too. The GM and Bossman are going to be awfully lonely here if everyone leaves. Maybe they can hold each other's hands.

I'm gonna go tackle some filing. Ya'll have a bootay kickin' weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


SierraBella said...

Just saw my own Dr. Sexypants yesterday, and he's beginning to look a tad older.
I can only imagine what he's saying about my own aging...

Dianne said...

the only sexy doc I have ever had was my cat's vet
maybe I should ask him to take care of me

have a good weekend

it's been raining here too

Inanna said...

Just trying to get caught up with you. Definitely had your fair share of crap in the past few weeks. Keep your chin up, and next time, demand to see Dr. Sexypants!

Wildhair said...

When I lived in Georgia I had a Dr. Sexypants. He was so kind, tender and seemed really interested in what I had to babble about. One isn't supposed to get aroused during a breast exam, are they? Oof, I miss him.