Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bubbles, Bossman and the Latest Gossip

As I was walking down the hall yesterday, Lulu motioned for me to make a pit stop in her office. We have to be stealthy to get any gossip, everyone's scrambling for every hour they can get, no one wants to be accused of having any free time.

"I stopped down at the dollar store yesterday after work and I seen Bubbles sittin' in the parking lot with her girls. I got by her without her seeing me, but then I got cornered by her Bubbahubby over by the Pepsi and chips," she said. "I asked him how she was doin' and he said he told her she was just gonna have to stop waitin' around for the plant to call her back and find her a job."

"Mmmm hmmm... he don't like her having all this free runnin' around time now that the little one's in school," I added.

"Uh huh.. he said she's been a'helpin' his daddy mow grass for people and he's havin' to pay her, but Bubbahubby don't like it. He said his daddy needs his money. In the meantime, Bubbles' Bubbahubby is working FOUR jobs," Lulu added. "He's working for the hospital, over in the next county as a paid firefighter, he's mowing for people AND he's working part time for the town. Now, I KNOW their house is paid for and I KNOW he makes good money up at that hospital, so you can't tell me he ain't workin' all them jobs just to keep from being at home."

I thought about how wide open Bubbles was when she worked beside me up at the Asylum. Then I imagined her without anyone to talk to for hours on end and how glad she'd be to see her man when he walked in after a two day shift on the ambulance.

"I'll bet, if she doesn't find a job soon, Bubbahubby will be finding him a fifth job, just to keep peace in the family," I said.

 Just the thought of her coming back to work up there puts a knot in the pit of my stomach.

In other news...

I've known for a while that Bossman keeps a full woodworking set up in his basement. He occasionally brings in pictures of stuff he's made and openly admits to having a framed, autographed picture of Norm Abrams hanging on his wall for inspiration.

After spotting an article on casket making in the paper, PG showed it to Bossman and suggested that perhaps he should go into the coffin crafting business. I joined in and as PG and I got as much mileage out of it as possible, Bossman reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a woodworking catalog, flipped to an earmarked page and proudly displayed a listing for "coffin hardware."

He never would say if he intended to build his own or build them for other people, but don't be suprised if you hear of an angry looking bald man on the side of a Tennessee mountain road, surrounded by a collection of custom crafted caskets for sale.

I'll be sure to get pictures if I spot him first.


It's Humpday ya'll. Let's hump it like it's our last day on earth.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


BetteJo said...
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BetteJo said...

Let me try that again ..

Woo hoo!! Your header is dead center where it's supposed to be - viewing in whatever version of Firefox that I am! Looks great! Something like that will keep me up nights if it's mine and I can't figure out how to fix it. So maybe I'm MORE of a geek than you are!

Nice to get a little Bubbles news - since she's not around the office anymore.

Mahala said...

You'll be happy to know I was up at 6:30 this morning trying to fix it. I couldn't even make coffee first.

The Haeven Crew said...

Love the new layout!