Critters and Kids, What Would We Do Without Them?


Last week it became evident that something was going on with Ozzy. He'd developed some sores from a combination of his double coat (his newfie genes) and the extreme rain and humidity we've had lately. We'd been looking for some ointment to put on the sores and had intended to give him a good bath and clipping this weekend, when The Amazon noticed him losing the hair on his back.

When she called me at work Thursday, she was all to pieces, freaking out but not really telling me what was wrong. All I knew is that she had called the vet and wanted to use the truck to take him the next day, which was fine with me. I was grateful she could do it, instead of me trying to take off work, etc.

She called me back about thirty minutes later and said she was taking him right then. I told Bossman I'd be right back, that I was just going to run her the truck. I didn't know I'd have to go crawl halfway into the doghouse to drag him out. I did not smell pleasant when I got back to work. I used alot of "Moonlight Path" scented hand sanitizer on my hands and Lysol on my shoes and clothes. I told Bossman to just keep his distance.

Now.. I'm not going to go into great detail about what was there, in the dog house, because I love ya'll and I don't want you to run screaming into the night, trying to stab out your mind's eye with a fork. All I'll say is.. flies had gotten to the sores and had deposited future generations.


We poured peroxide all over him, wrapped him in a towel and gently urged him to walk through the house and into the truck.

There's no carrying him. He's got that middle aged spread now.

Just so you know... I'm still gagging over the whole experience.

Anywho... The Amazon got him to the vet where they took him in immediately. He got cleaned up and had surgery on Friday. The Amazon went to visit him Friday when he got out of surgery, she said they'd shaved him and with all the weight he'd gained and his newly exposed spots, what she described sounded alot like this:

Only with a furry face.

I've been trying for years to enlarge the dog lot, to fence in the yard, to do something to make my mutts more comfortable. I mean, Ozzy is 11 years old. I didn't know Ma was going to become disabled, that I'd end up working part time for over a year or that it would become increasingly difficult for me to do the "manly" work around the property when he came to live with us.

On the few occasions that I did have the extra money, from tax refunds or whatever, Ma always pitched a fit. She didn't want a fence and I allowed her to bully me. But now.. The Amazon is grown and her Nana doesn't give her any lip. She is still the golden child. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't stepped in and taken over with Ozzy. I don't have the money for his treatment (oh yeah.. heartworms too btw) and I probably would have had to have him put down.

It breaks my heart into a gajillion pieces to admit that, but it's true.

The Amazon took the truck yesterday and bought another dog lot, which we'll add on to the one we have now, tripling the size. She also bought a new, larger dog house. And a roof for the dog lot. When she gets done paying for his surgery, the following heart worm treatment and to have him boarded for a few days so we can get things cleaned up, she will have spent every cent she scrimped and saved for a down payment on a car. She was going to go on her birthday, the 29th of this month to buy one.

I feel like the worst, scum of the earth, you-suck-at-providing-for-your-family, piece of shit you can imagine.

Yeah I know, she's grown and this is life.. etc. But she's still my kid.. and she's a such a good kid.. and I can't give her anything. Now, she's bailing me out just like I used to have to bail Ma out.. and I swore that would never happen.

The vet says Ozzy seems to be doing pretty good, all things considered. For this I am thankful. I want him to at least get to enjoy his shnazzy new dog house for a few years. He'll be spending alot of time in the house until his wounds heal, which will be interesting with the other two dogs and the new kitty. Luckily, Ozzy has the patience of a thousand saints with other animals.

He will, however, leap onto the stove and help himself.

So anyway, if it ever stops raining, me and T.A. will be assembling things and scrubbing things with bleach when she gets off work.

Oh yeah.. and there was drama in the holler last night, but that story will have to wait. It's a whole 'nother long story.

Ya'll take care. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

Poor Ozzy. I'm so glad to know that the Amazon could step in to help. If it weren't for my daughter, we'd be sol, so I know how you feel. It stinks, but it is what it is.

lizard. dot lizard. said...

the Amazon is a good daughter, you did good raising her, mom. that's just what family does for family, heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time ...

BetteJo said...

What lizard. said. You're right, she IS a good kid. I know I've felt like crap about what I HAVEN'T been able to provide, but kids actually learn from not being handed everything. As much as we want to give them everything, the stuff that money buys isn't the important stuff, and obviously you have been able to provide the RIGHT stuff. That's what matters.

rennratt said...

Rather than feeling terrible that The Amazon stepped in and spent all of her money on this project, please see the other side.

You have raised a wonderful daughter. She CHOSE to step in and do what she KNEW you have been unable to do. She is a selfless woman, just like her mother.

It's hard when your kids start declaring financial independence and spend money on what they see fit, isn't it? Your daughter chose well, Mahala.

Be proud of her. I sure am.

tiff said...

Her choice. Love her for it, and thank her, then move along. :)

She's a good soul, and it's all your fault.

Inanna said...

I've been there.

God Bless Amazon and God Bless You for raising such a great youngin'!

Blanche said...

What they said! And you know what? She may be a great kid but you're a great Mom. Remember that...