Psycho Kitty and Miss Fixit

The sky looks blue-gray outside my kitchen window this morning. I think every dish, every piece of silverware in the tiny trailer is dirty. I'm out of coffee. I've got a sore throat, I've been sneezing for three days and I'm pretty sure I've caught the latest crud.

Still.. it's going to be a good day.

I got an early start yesterday, driving to Scary Hillbilly Town to pick up the psycho kitty from the vet. When we got home and I let her out of the crate, she immediately ran through the house, leaping from the floor, to the kitchen table to the top of the fridge, making my heart stop. The last thing the vet tech said to me before I left was "keep her quiet, don't let her jump around."

I'd just like someone to explain to me how I keep a six month old hyper psycho kitty "quiet."

I gave her some pain medication, not because she seemed to be in pain but because they said she needed it twice a day and honestly.. I was praying it would knock her crazy ass out for a little while. I was terrified she was going to rip her stitches out.

Unfortunately, the drugs just got rid of her pain and she didn't see any reason not to put poor Yoda in a choke hold and wrangle him to the ground. Luckily Yoda loves the kitty and will let her do anything she wants to him.

I may have to temporarily take up drinking again, at least until she gets her stitches removed.

Friday night I worked on the couch and, with the Amazon's help, was able to get the springs hammered back into place. I also replaced the torn ropey cord thing that tied them together with some duct tape... because I'm redneck like that, then cleaned out the stash of change, toenail clippings and french fries that had gathered in the hole that ripped in the fabric under the cushions.

Voila! Zee sofah... she iz like a'new!


Since I was on a handy dandy Miss Fixit roll, I also fixed my computer chair so that it would stop tossing me out in the floor and took the duct tape to Sammy's crate where he ripped the bars apart. Add in three loads of laundry, the vacuuming and attacking the accumulation of an assortment of unrelated items on the kitchen table and....

Now you know why the dishes didn't get washed.

And probably still won't.. not this morning at least. I'm tared.

I hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend. I think I'm gonna test that couch out for a little while this morning. We'll talk again soon!

Later Taters!


BetteJo said...

I love it when they tell you to keep a kitten quiet. Yeah okay, cause they tend to listen when you say - sit!

kenju said...

I hope that you and the kitten had a nice long nap!

Cricket said...

Same situation with our least they were honest with me, "you won't be able to keep her still or keep her from jumping around, but give it a whirl..." :D

babyhellfire said...

Ha You got a lot done. I hope kitty heals quickly , guess it is good she is in such good spirits...sorta

LindaN said...

Keeping a kitten calm, that's impossible! Hope you soon feel better

tiff said...

I want to be your neighbor. Seriously. We could have SUCH FUN!!

Inanna said...

Seriously, they always say to keep them quiet but never give you tips on HOW. I'd bring you some coffee but its a bit of drive for a cup of coffee.