Crazy Old Geezer

Over the weekend, as Ma laid in her room hell bent on tearing up trying to figure out her new phone and as I spent chunks of my life I can never get back goofing off on the internet worked hard on new online projects, we were only halfway paying attention when the scanner announced a call for the VFD. Someone had been found, barely conscious and having run off the road down by the river. It was suspected that they'd had a stroke.

Neither of us thought much of it, our minds on other things, until the Amazon came in from work the next day to tell us that the person had died at the hospital the night before.

It was Dubya.

Some of you knew Dubya as my crazy old neighbor who lived with his bi-polar hooker step-daughter, who entertained clients in the camper out back for 40 bucks a pop. He was the source of a lot of stress, several angry outbursts.. and quite a few stories. So today, I thought we could remember Dubya and his antics by looking back at some of the posts I wrote about him over the past couple of years:

Rest in Peace Walter. I hope heaven means all the Marlboros you want with none of the pain.


kenju said...

RIP, Dubya, you'll be missed for the quality of Mahala's posts about you.

BetteJo said...

That's such a kind and fitting wish for him!

poopie said...

oh long was the line at visitation?

tiff said...

Is it too late to say.....oh crap, I can't even be mean to someone I didn't know. DUbya, RIP. I hope someone nice gets your house.