Uncle Duckie, Civil War and Humpin' it Hard

Lawd have mercy. It must be Hump Day 'cuz this little muffin's been humpin' it hard all morning. People are merciless in their demand for robot monkeys.

I hereby declare it time for a brain break.


On a serious note, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all ya'll who commented on my post yesterday, blog buddies, Plurkies and Second Lifers. Your words do make a difference. Ya'll make my world a brighter place and I love ya for it.


There was drama down at the Pump n' Go over the weekend. Frog Pond Holler was invaded by a group of Civil War re-enactment enthusiasts and when the Amazon was caught selling a bottle of water to a Union soldier she was damn near fired.

Jokingly.. of course. We think.

I didn't bother attending the festivities, a bunch of people in old clothes, riding horses and shooting each other just sounds like one of our family get togethers.. right down to the cannon fire.

No.. seriously.

Back a few years ago, Ma had the bright idea to let her brother set up his camper in our yard for a whole summer. Every Saturday around sundown, Uncle Duckie and his brood would gather 'round the campfire.. in our front yard.. and set off the tiny cannon that used to belong to the university. Apparently it was part of the half time entertainment.. and loud enough to be heard by an entire football stadium.


My Uncle Duckie and his brood are no longer speaking to us.. I may or may not have had a minor freak out fit on his hillbilly hind end right out in the yard in front of all of Frog Pond Holler.


Anyways... The Amazon took pictures of the civil war acting people and I had every intention of posting them, but I've had stuff on my mind. I've been just a tad bit scatter noodled.

Tiny just went down the hall and gave me the wiggly eyebrow. I'd better get back to work.

Ya'll have a humptastic Hump Day.

Later Taters!


Significant Snail said...

Ok, firing a cannon sounds fun - but only once or twice a year. Like New Years Eve or July 4th and what have you. Any more than that, will, I can see how you might possibly get on him about it...

craftyhala said...

My husband has two of those little carbide cannons. They are loud.

poopie said...

listen honey...i understand your fear but you will be soooooooo much better once you put that (literal) demon to rest. trust me. been there, done that ^j^