Newsflash From the Holler

*********BREAKING NEWS********

Frog Pond Holler-Late last night, when the ambulance crew showed up for shift change, they were shocked to find the truck bay, where the ambulance was normaly parked, empty. Upon entering the crew sleeping area, they found the previous shift crew sound asleep in their bunks.

Somebody done went and stole the ambulance.

I shit you not.

Details as they develop.


Susan (lotusHips) said...

I cannot wait to hear the story behind this one. Even if it wasn't stolen it's gonna be good!

Tori Lennox said...

Good Lord! Why would anybody do that?!

tiff said...

Hard to be inconspicuous in a stolen ambleeyance.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! I imagine there are some things in an ambulance that a criminal might get some enjoyment out of.
I can't wait to hear "the rest of the story!"

Anonymous said...

Is Ma in her room? Just checking!


kenju said...

What happened? Have they found it?

BetteJo said...

Hey it's been said - some people will steal anything.. I'm thinkin' it's true!