Medicating Evil

It's raining.. again. I'm gonna start sprouting mushrooms on my shady bits if this keeps up much longer.

The Amazon took the demon possesed hell cat tiny kitty to the vet yesterday for more shots. Tiny Kitty isn't happy when she gets shots. They sent home some medicine for her to take over the next three days (for that condition that all puppies and kittens get, but I'm not going to name because it's gross and I just ate a biscuit from the campground store and I don't want to hurl eggy bits all over my cubicle.)

Now, at first thought, the idea of putting liquid medication in a syringe to make it easier to shoot into their tiny mouths seems like a grand idea. But when you advance towards the face of a psycho freak job frightened kitty, who is still upset over her shots from earlier in the day, with a filled syringe she will seemingly grow five more legs which she'll flail about, shrieking like a tortured soul, trapped for eternity in the depths of hell and IF you are lucky enough to actually get any of the medication in to her mouth, she will spit, hiss and shake her head violently, sending a spray of thick, white liquid all over the poor shnook holding her (in this case, the Amazon) while simultaneously ripping her claws into delicate shoulder flesh.

Yeah.. that did not go well. And? We get to do it two more times.

I'm so glad it's Friday ya'll. I'm gonna run out to civilization after work and get my nails did and pick up something for din din, then I'm kicking back for the weekend. I have to recharge my battery, Bossman is off next week (wasn't he just off?) so I'll be playing sales ninja.

Ya'll have a great one. We'll talk again soon!

Later Taters!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Roll the kitty up in a towel, like a burrito. Lay her on her back on your lap and pry her mouth open - as you unload the syringe into her mouth, blow in her face (like blowing out birthday candles). It causes them to swallow involuntarily. It also works with solid pills and you are not the shredding post!

kenju said...

OOOH, ETW: Does that work with 13 year old cats too?

Anonymous said...

My vet showed me that if you take the cat by the nape of the neck, like a mom cat and lay it on it's back you can medicate it...