Quickies.. With a Bullet

Oh I'm slammed against a wall at the Asylum today.. and not in a good way. Let's do it bullet style.. and make it a quickie:

  • My FMF continues to slap me around and call me it's biatch. I'm still doin' the snap, crackle, pop and my right shoulder has decided to toss in a little bump n' grind.. just to keep things interesting. And? Every spare moment I have away from work is spent either snoozing or trying not to.
  • Still no ac at the Asylum. The latest line of bullshit to keep me quiet news is that the new units shipped last Friday, should be delivered no later than tomorrow and will be installed immediately upon their arrival. I will believe it when I see it.
  • Bossman is going to be out of town next week on sales calls and the following week is his mandatory furlough. I will be flying solo for two weeks straight. There had better be some feckin' air up in this joint.
  • Because of Bossman's schedule and this week having a holiday, I'll get three weeks straight of 38-40 hours pay. It's gonna be like Christmas.
  • The demon kitten hopped in bed with me yesterday morning, rubbed her head against my face, purred, then crept under the quilt, snuggling up to me and going to sleep. Either she's finally becoming normal or it's an elaborate scheme to ease my suspicions so that she can continue her plans for world domination.

That's all for this quickie list.. but I think we're caught up. Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


poopie said...

if i were a bettin' gal, i'd put my money on world domination.

Significant Snail said...

Air, air! My kingdom for some air! Actually I have no kingdom. Oh well. How nice that kitty is being good to you - maybe it senses the fmf and fears for it's furry life if it were to harm you!

Naaa....it's just trying to suck you in ...*insert evil laugh here*

BetteJo said...

Out of 4 cats the most evil one in the house crawls under the blankets and sleeps with me. She still bites me outside the bedroom, sometimes even there if I move wrong. Not time to let your guard down yet!