Everything Falls Apart, Eventually

It's gray and cloudy outside my kitchen window this morning. The scanner is going wide open with chatter from fire crews up Fall Branch as they work to control a burning shed full of building supplies, the home owner's livelihood. The Amazon is at work and I'm just trying to figure out why in the crap I've already been up an hour and it's only 8 o'clock.

The Big Headed German called me from the other plant yesterday. He must not have had much to do, because he kept me on the phone forever, discussing his recent doctor visit to have some skin tags removed. He went into great detail about the size, shape and coloring of the skin tags and felt I needed to know their precise location on his body.

I'll spare ya'll the details.

He went on for some time about how as you get older, you get alot of new stuff cropping up all over your body like age spots, freakish growths and curly black hairs where they don't belong. He also pointed out that he was "so old he farts dust" and then kindly reminded me that we were within months of being the exact same age.

It's good to have friends, ya know?

I'm taking it easy this morning, while I can. After the Amazon gets home, I'm going to run to the new Lowes, next to the new Wal-Mart to pick up two small, room sized air conditioners. I'm hoping the trailer windows will support the littlest units on their own. If I have to figure out how to start installing bracing hardware and crap, we're in trouble. Also? The screen door came off the back of the house. Just the bottom hinge... but still.. it just like.. fell out of the frame work. So I'm gonna pick up some of that wood putty stuff that comes in a little can. Hopefully I can use it to put the couch back together too.

Anybody who's read here for any length of time knows I suck at home repairs.

Let's hope there aren't any casualties.

Ya'll enjoy your weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Wildhair said...

I see a lot of 2 x 4 bracing a/c units. I guess there's that as long as you don't have ornery kids that'd get a kick out of knocking them out from under the unit just to watch it crash to the ground.

EyeInStein said...

duct tape and super glue...

kenju said...

I'll hope that you don't have to brace anything. We also have a door falling off the hinges. It's on the pump house, and every time I open the door it falls off. Guess it's time to call the handy-dandy handiman.

poopie said...

us single smartass southern gals usually DO suck at home repairs which is why we need bubba hubbies ;) unfortunately, there isn't one on my horizon...and yours?

tiff said...

Erk - good luck with the home repairs.

The BHG is correct about aging - stuff just pops up you SWORE you'd never allow to appear on YOUR Body. Stupid nature.