Blooming Weeds and Good Deeds

It's cloudy and cool in Frog Pond Holler this Saturday morning. My wildflower patch is blooming (although the Amazon insists it's just flowery weeds,) I've spotted one Boy Scout troop hiking by the kitchen window and the air is filled with the sound of Harleys, with their gut rumbling roar reminding me of younger days.

Every year, during the big rally, I threaten to flag one down and ask for a ride. One of these days, I just might do it.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of ripping coming from somewhere around my bed. I peeked up over the covers to find the feline demon from hell precious kitty eating my foam mattress cover thingie.

I can not wait until we get this creature fixed. Lord help us all if it doesn't calm her down.. just a smidge.

I also woke up to a full blown FMF attack. It was like.. "Oh HAI! Remember me? You were almost feeling human again, I just thought I should stop by and remind you who's boss."

My hands are swollen and I'm hobbling around like Quasimodo.

Yes.. I know.. you're in awe of my sexiness. Try to control yourselves.

Oh yeah.. AND? I'm out of coffee. I found some instant mocha cappachino stuffed back in the cabinet. I don't know how long it's been in there. I couldn't find my tea kettle, so I mixed up a cup and stuck it in the microwave, which over flowed chocolate powdered goo all over everything.

This weekend is off to a rip roaring start.

Yesterday I stopped at the store during lunch to grab a drink. Inside, there stood a woman, around my age, with a very manly haircut. She was pointing to her brand new, ginormous Dodge Ram super dooper giant cab truck and explaining that she'd left it running, with her dogs inside and accidentally locked the doors.

Although she gave the impression of the type of woman who can handle any damn thing and take down three sailors in the process.. *wink* *wink*... she was obviously distraught over her puppies. Luckily she'd left her window cracked, her arms just weren't long enough to reach the door locky thing.

"Hold on, I think I've got one a long handled ice scraper in my truck.." I offered.

Suddenly I felt like a female hillbilly MacGuyver super hero.

I found the scraper, which is fabulously purple by the way and handed it to her. She climbed up on her little step, reached in and.. taa daa! She was in.

She handed me the scraper back, grinning, thanked me and said, "You are AWESOME! Girl you got it goin' on!"

Which cracked me up... but also made me feel pretty awesome.


I'd better get off my big bootay and get some stuff done. I can feel the drugs kicking in.. I can move my fingers and that giant sword has been removed from my lower back.

Gotta git while the gittin' is good. Ya'll enjoy your weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Significant Snail said...

Oh, no coffee would do me in! That's what I call a crisis....

tndaisy1960 said...

We're almost in "coffeegedden" here, too, and it's my own damn fault...I forgot to put it on the grocery list I gave to whatshisname the other day.

The desciption of that woman with the locked-up truck reminds me of the critter my ex husband married! lol I know it wasn't her, though...cuz the ex is/was a locksmith!

Hope the drugz bring you much relief and that you have a fandamntastic weekend away from the Nut ;)

EyeInStein said...

fortunately, my sister left a wee bit of coffee here, during her last visit to the beach house.. I sip my coffee, I reflect on how just plain awful I feel for Mahala back in Frog Pond Holler not having any.

yeah, just plain awful.. ;-)

Mahala said...

It's so nice to have friends.. isn't it? You just wait...

Inanna said...

Sorry 'bout your FMF attack!

And girl, you do got it goin' on!

BetteJo said...

Told you you had MacGyver moves! Nice somebody else recognized it!