Mahala Checks In

The aroma of strong, black coffee fills the trailer, BBQ chicken is doing it's thing in the slow cooker and the sun is shining bright down on the holler, forcing it's way through the dirty windows and warming the rooms for the first time in what seems like forever. The voice of Melissa Etheridge cries through the speakers, "it's only fear that makes you run," at just the right moment.

Oh the Universe will get it's point across.

I spent most of yesterday lying around on the couch in a perpetual state of pity waller. I won't bore you with the gory details of my aches and pains, what really matters is that today I feel like I can take on the world.

Well maybe not the world, but possibly the grocery store.

I had a huge laundry list of things I needed to accomplish this weekend, none of which got done. I'm learning not to beat myself up over it. The dirt isn't going anywhere.. although I do keep hoping the Dust Bunny Fairy will show up and magically make everything clean and shiny.


If I'm going to do the hunting and gathering, I need to get my big bootay in gear. I'm going to dust my camera off and take a few pictures along the way.. I'm feeling kinda creative today for some reason.

I promise I'll share.

Ya'll have a spectacular day. We'll talk more soon.

Later Taters!


rennratt said...

Today is a gorgeous Carolina day, full of sunshine and promise.

I pray that your day was AWESOME, and that many items on your 'to do' list can be crossed off unexpectedly. I also pray that the end of the day/Monday morning finds you with additional energy and satisfaction, rather than exhaustion.

Be well!

BetteJo said...

We got a bunch of snow last night, but the sun is out and it almost looks pretty!
Glad you're out of your funk - God knows I get them too and they suck!

Go kick the world's ass Mahala!

Mahala said...

Thanks rennratt, it has been a nice one here in the Carolina mountains. I hope you have a great Monday :)

BetteJo.. it looks like flurries moving in here tonight.. weird! I saw your snow pictures.. I'd love it.. for a day or two lol. I hope we all have an ass kickin' week!

bronsont said...

The thing about to-do lists is that after a certain amount of time you can throw the damn thing away and the things which were not important can be forgotten.

Do what you can, keep the important ones for the next list, and pitch the rest. You'll feel better just pitching it, just make sure you pitch it in the garbage not the floor or that will just be one more thing on the next list :)