The Perils of Knitting

Last night, after the Amazon got home from work and had dinner (sloppy joes thankyouverymuch) she disappeared into her room at the end of the hall. Moments later she came limping back into the living room, mumbling something about a knitting related injury.

Apparently, she forgot about some knitting needles buried in a ball of yarn laying on her bed and managed to IMPALE HERSELF in the thigh. The graphic explanations of how she had to rip the spear from her flesh went on well into the night.

It only went in about a 1/4 inch. Triple antibiotic ointment and a bandaide seemed to take care of it and she had a tetanus shot before she started college.. so we're good.

When she expressed that maybe she should go to the clinic to have it looked at this morning, most mothers would have encouraged her to do so.

But me? I started relaying stories of all the alcohol related injuries I had in my teens that were way more gruesome yet healed just fine without the benefit of medical intervention.

Anywho.. I hope ya'lls week gets off to a better start than the Amazon's.

Later Taters!