Hot Wheels and How I Unwind

My full time job has been cut to 30 hours a week. I've got a house payment, a truck payment and my shop sales are still on the puny side. So what are we going to do this Saturday afternoon?

We're going car shopping.

Oh yeah.. I know how to live on the edge.

The Amazon is hell bent on buying a car today and I've had it up to my nose hairs with trying to be the voice of reason, so if and when she ever drags her lazy keister out of bed awakens from her peaceful slumber, I reckon we'll be hitting the Big City car lots. I imagine I'll be popping Valium and swiggin' a wine cooler by nightfall.

Ya'll keep your fingers crossed, pray or run out in the woods to perform the Pagan ritual of your choice for me that things will go well. I'd rather have a tooth pulled than shop for vehicles.

Moving on...

Born in the mid late sixties, I was part of the latchkey kid generation. By the fourth grade I was going to school with a house key on a string hanging around my neck, like most of my friends. We'd come home in the afternoons, let ourselves in, call Mom at work to let her know we hadn't been abducted on the way home, then raid the kitchen for junk food. We were under strict instructions not to go outside or have anyone over, so most of the afternoon was spent parked in front of the television.

I blame those years for the way television has become such a part of my life today. As long as someone is awake, it's usually on, but mostly just in the background. It's unusual for me to find the time (or the attention span) to sit down and actually watch anything in it's entirety anymore. I was thinking about this the other day when I decided to keep a log for one week of shows I actually sit down and devote my undivided attention to on the boob tube.

The following list isn't in any particular order, I didn't keep track of times or channels.

Sanford & Son This was one of those shows from my childhood that I quote often, cracking myself up, although no one around me seems to know what the hell I'm talking about, so I just end up looking a little insane ("IT'S THE BIG ONE ELIZABETH!!!") In this episode, Aunt Esther was entering a beauty contest, coached by Fred. They performed together in the talent portion, giving us a peek into Redd Foxx's other talents.

VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy, Ratt and be still my heart... David Coverdale, slinging their AquaNet coiffed heads to and fro to gut rumbling bass beats and axe burning guitar riffs. And ya'll know how I feel about men in spandex and black eyeliner. Nuff said.

The Children's Hour Holy monkey toes Batman! Who knew they were making racy movies like this back in 1961?? An evil little spawn named Mary spreads rumors of lesbianesque frolicking by two boarding school teachers, leading to the eventual demise of the school. Of course, none of it's true.. or is it?

Run's House As a rule, I don't like "reality" shows, but this is an exception. It's obvious that a lot of this is staged, but I can't help but love this family. My favorite episode so far? When Kid Rock sneaks a Hooter's bumper sticker on the Rev's prized car.

The Big Bang Theory Currently, this is my one, can not miss, I don't care if it's a rerun, I love it to pieces show. Monday nights, CBS. If there is one iota of geekness coursing through your blood, if you're married to someone even slightly nerdy or if you spend any time at all on social networking sites, you'll get humor of this show.

The Ellen Degeneres Show Now that I'm getting off work at three every day, I get home in time to enjoy a little day time television. I'm cheating a little with this entry, I didn't watch the entire show on this particular day, I tuned in to catch an interview with Depak Chopra.

Dreaming of Tibet A great documentary airing on LinkTv about Tibetans fleeing their homeland to escape the oppression of the Chinese government. When you can't afford to get your nails done or the new soccer shoes you need for Little Precious are putting a strain on your wallet, spend some time watching this little film. You'll have a new perspective.

My Name is Earl If they made a show about the people of Frog Pond Holler, this would be it, only the holler is way smaller. It's just funny. Lulu's favorite character is Joy and I have to agree. She makes the show.

There you have a roundup of the shows I found interesting enough to sit down and unwind with this week. Did I miss anything really juicy? Let me know your faves in the comments.

And now.. I'm heading out to Big City. Wish me luck.

Later Taters!


gemmak said...

I'll try and come up with some pagan ritual for your car lot visits...but I suspect you will need more than I can offer to get you through! ;o)

Rachel said...

I'm sorry about the reduced hours and (non reduced) bills. Seems like it's hard to keep up even when everything is firing on all 4 cylinders. :(

I'll go do a Christo-pagan ritual for you; it probably won't help you but it'll me feel a damn sight better.

BetteJo said...

Always on at my house too - in the background. I'm generally peering around my laptop to catch a glimpse now and then. I watch a lot of Forensic Files and Cold Case Files and all the real forensics stuff. My daughter thinks I'm totally morbid. Watch a lot of news shows too. Gosh, I'm pretty boring!

kenju said...

I can do a ritual; part Buddhist, part New Age and part Pagan - it should work, right? You need my daughter with you when you buy a car. She's the BEST wheeler-dealer I know.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Big Bang and Earl!!!! The Office is also quite entertaining. I also like to catch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I'm not faithful to time, but these are worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Children's Hour the other day. It was an awesome, barrier shattering film for its time. I'm the same way over a lot of old movies...All About Eve, Wuthering Heights and pretty much any Jane Austen remake (e.f., Pride and Predjuce, Jane Eyre, etc.)

Good luck with the car shopping, I heard about the detour to Krispy Kreme. Maybe it's for the best!

Jeni said...

At least one TV set, sometimes three of 'em, is always on here! My little granddaughter likes to sleep with me, so she goes to sleep to my tv playing and if/when I do go to bed before she rises, I just change the channel to something I want to see/hear to lull me to sleep then. My fave shows -"The Office" for openers, the one with Charlie Sheen on Monday night (Two and a Half Men(?), after that, there's good old Earl -yeah, love that goofy show too. But I also watch reruns by the gross too -Law and Order, Missing, The Closer, Justice Files and other crime shows on A&E. We have Turner Classic Movie channel here and if I see a really good movie coming up there, I will usually tune into that as well. Love TVland too -watching All in the Family or Third Rock from the Sun are two faves there and any time I see WKRP or Cheers -also, MASH, on some channel, I'll usually go for that too! I tend to listen though more than watch as I'm usually either on the computer or embroidering while the tv is on.

Travel said...

Car shopping is great sport, I love to make the sales manager's cry.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I used to watch My Name is Earl and I really enjoyed it, but then the writer's strike threw all the schedules off and I kinda just let it go.

A Spot of T said...

Sanford & Sons is STILL playing??!! I used to love that show. Must take a boo at the telly guide to see if I get it too!

Craig said...

I liked that VH1 Top Hard Rock Songs until the end. 'Welcome to the Jungle' ?!?!


I was as much of a Gn'R junkie back in the day as anyone, but #1?

Mahala said...

Yeah... that was on odd choice for number one.