The European Dream, Here in the Holler

While heading out to the Big City 'burbs yesterday, I spotted this little scooter for sale in the middle of town. I had to pull over, fall out of the truck gracefully leap from the truck and snap a picture.


Because it immediately reminded me of this, which the Amazon and I have been walking around quoting for days:

I'm not sure why we've been quoting Eddie Izzard, we've not seen this one in ages. I guess we're just weird that way.

Ya'll have a good one.



Travel said...

It would lower your gas costs and you could join in the special weekend activities at the campground!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Haven't seen that one in a long time. Ciao!!


gemmak said...

Lol...those things are a disaster on the roads in Europe....thousands of em, mostly ridden dangerously!

Oh....and yayy for Izzard, he is soo funny :o)

Mahala said...

travel: Seriously, I can see me trying to get that thing up the mountain, hauling my ample hindquarters.

Annette: Ciao!

gemmak: We're seeing more of them around lately. Used to be you only saw people who's licenses had been revoked for DUI on them. We called them "liquorcycles."

DG said...

That's pretty darn funny. I know if I had loads o' cash that is EXACTLY what I would do - stick it in my ears and spit at people.

You are so funny. I've been on vaca and just got back and got to catch up on my Mahala-readin'. Good stuff.

Mahala said...

Welcome home DG :)

Super Mommie said...

I totally LOVE Eddie Izzard.

This is my first time reading and I am laughting so hard! If it wasn't a sales office, I would seriously think you were sitting in the cube next to me!!

Mahala said...

hi super mommie! Welcome to the madness :)