The Wrath of One-Eyed Indian Chiefs

Wow. What does one write as a follow up to a Bitchy McCrankypants whine fest like the one I had here yesterday?

Would it be impolite to just quietly move along to the next topic and pretend it didn't happen?

Denial is my all time favorite coping mechanism, so I'm gonna run with it.

We had some decent sized storms move through the holler last night, bringing temperatures down and giving us all some much needed relief. Some trees came down too, knocking a crater in a couple of the rooms at the Swiss Miss Motor Lodge here in town. Every time it rains more than a thimble full, trees fall on that place. It's probably cursed by the spirit of some vengeful, old, one-eyed Indian chief who's grave lies beneath the damaged room.

We blame everything on old Cherokee burial grounds here. You'd think, for as many supposed burial grounds we claim there is, someone would find a skull, a bone.. something resembling a human body.

Just sayin'.

I'm happy to report that the air conditioner is fixed here in the office. No more sitting with my slacks rolled up to my knees under my desk or squirming from the discomfort of perspiration trickling down my back into areas that don't normally see the light of day.

Like ya'll needed that visual.

Oh yeah.. and I got my stimulus check... all $300. I'm feeling seriously unstimulated.

Anywho, I'd better get to work. Oh and just for the record.. ya'll's comments yesterday made the world of difference. Honest.

Love ya's.

Later Taters.


tiff said...

I was late ot yesterday, but first today. I hope that means something.

Ya'd think that by now the folks ath the SML would have hired a chainsaw crewe to take down any remaining trees!

And yay for AC. I'd refuse to come to work if there wasn't any. Then I'd look for a new job, I'm sure.

Jeni said...

Been having some "under the weather" issues here so didn't get around Sunday or yesterday to reading anything. (Not sure how long I'll last or how far I'll get with that today either.) But, as far as rants go, if you do one and you feel it suffices to free your mind and you can move on, then it served its purpose. But, on the other hand, if you feel the need to let a bit more off your chest, don't hold it in. Stress is a bad thing, especially if you shove it down, try to swallow it back, etc. You get the point. Sure won't upset any of your readers cause I imagine most of us let fly with rants too from time to time. I know I do and I generally feel immeasurably better than!

Mahala said...

tiff: I went by there at lunch.. it was a MASSIVE tree.. split down the middle. I should have taken pictures.

jeni: Ahh.. I've been choking it down my whole life. I think it's some weird need to please others.. or something.. I dunno.

Dianne said...

The Swiss Miss Motor Lodge!?

Do ladies of the evening work there dressed like hot chocolate hos. Just askin' ;)

I'm so glad your AC is working and I'm hoping the cooler air is headed this way.

Mahala said...

LOL! No but dang that's a good business plan.

Joy T. said...

So here at home...or in a town not very far away...the news was this. "Man goes for a walk on his property with dogs. One dog comes back with something in it's mouth. Dog drops something at man's feet and man just about has a stroke when man realizes dog was playing with a...human skull." They've retrieved the rest of the bones and the man now has a story to tell his great grandchildren. Why did I tell you this? I have absolutely no idea. Your post just reminded me that graves can sometimes be dug up and those damn friggen dogs will undoubtedly get into them every time.