The Wrath of One-Eyed Indian Chiefs

Wow. What does one write as a follow up to a Bitchy McCrankypants whine fest like the one I had here yesterday?

Would it be impolite to just quietly move along to the next topic and pretend it didn't happen?

Denial is my all time favorite coping mechanism, so I'm gonna run with it.

We had some decent sized storms move through the holler last night, bringing temperatures down and giving us all some much needed relief. Some trees came down too, knocking a crater in a couple of the rooms at the Swiss Miss Motor Lodge here in town. Every time it rains more than a thimble full, trees fall on that place. It's probably cursed by the spirit of some vengeful, old, one-eyed Indian chief who's grave lies beneath the damaged room.

We blame everything on old Cherokee burial grounds here. You'd think, for as many supposed burial grounds we claim there is, someone would find a skull, a bone.. something resembling a human body.

Just sayin'.

I'm happy to report that the air conditioner is fixed here in the office. No more sitting with my slacks rolled up to my knees under my desk or squirming from the discomfort of perspiration trickling down my back into areas that don't normally see the light of day.

Like ya'll needed that visual.

Oh yeah.. and I got my stimulus check... all $300. I'm feeling seriously unstimulated.

Anywho, I'd better get to work. Oh and just for the record.. ya'll's comments yesterday made the world of difference. Honest.

Love ya's.

Later Taters.