Early Morning Tushies

Okay.. I'll try not to dwell on the fact that it's hot as hell up in this office, but first I have to say that 9 a.m. is ENTIRELY too farkin' early to be dealing with under boob sweat.

When it starts running down my butt crack I'm outta here.

And seriously.. the dang blasted ac unit here freezes up EVERY YEAR the first day it gets over 85. It's done this for at least SIX YEARS. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that it needs to be replaced.

Jiminy motha effin' crickets ya'll. Ain't no damned sense in this chit.

Moving on.. before I overheat...

Thank ya'll for your advice concerning my whacked out dreams. I'm a bit calmer about the whole thing today, having decided to simply write them down in detail and stop trying to analyze what they mean. In the past I've learned that time spent trying to decipher their meaning is usually time wasted. I'm seldom right in what I assume, it's best to just stop thinking too hard and follow my nose.. metaphorically and metaphysically speaking.

How's that for some mental deep dish pie on a Friday?


I told ya'll the other day that I'm a big fan of "The Riches" on FX. I missed the pilot and part of the first season before I discovered it, so I've been slowly getting caught up, watching episodes on Hulu. So this morning I caught about half of the pilot episode in the bit of un-wind, wake-up time I had before I had to start getting ready for work. Imagine my squeals of unbridled glee shocked surprise at the sight of Eddie Izzard's naked hiney right there on my computer screen.. in full techni-fuckin-color!!!!

Okay so it was sort of a sad little sex scene, the kind that makes you wanna go, "Awww.. bless it." Definitely not the type that makes your eyes glaze over, sending you off in search of the battery stash. But still.. tushie.

Oh yeah.

Anywho.. It's nearly lunch time. Holla-freakin-loo-ya. I can go home and stand over the ac vent for an hour.

Ya'll have a good one.. and try to keep your bits in the shade. It's hot out there.

Later Taters!