The Drama, Asylum Style

Lawd have mercy! I've been at the Asylum for one hour and five minutes and I've already gotten in to a finger waving, accusation slinging argument with PG.

If I catch you in a lie, one told specifically to make me look like a dumbass, and I catch you at it..

You will suffer my wrath.

There's a lot of confusion around the place lately, with no one knowing from one day to the next if we're going to be working four days, five days or none at all a month from now. Crap keeps getting misplaced because everyone is having to cover everyone elses jobs when they're out on "low work days." Instead of just fixing the situation and moving on, everyone is trying to cover their ass and blaming everyone else.

Oh and sweet Almighty the meetings.

I expect any day now we'll have a meeting on the excessive use of toilet paper in the women's bathroom.

For obvious reasons, I'm a little nervous writing from here this morning. Perhaps I can fill ya'll in a little better when I go to lunch.

In the meantime, hump it like it's 1999. Do it. I'll be watching.


Dianne said...

could we have a meeting to discuss humping and its history - going back to 1999?

hang in Lady!!

they just don't know what the F they're doing, the whole country has lost its mind.

BetteJo said...

..and maybe a meeting to discuss how counter-productive it is to waste all that time having meetings! Gah!