Cheesy Frustration

Ain't it just grand to be back at the office today? Bubbles is here with her even lighter Paula Deen 'do, spreading her passive aggressive stink throughout the Asylum. I've got my earbuds firmly embedded in the sides of my head, with classic hits from 96.5 pounding in my brain to drown her out.

Bless her heart. She can't help it.

At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself.

Lulu is back too, thankfully. I had to get her caught up on all of last week's Mahala drama, then informed her that she couldn't leave me here alone anymore. She and her Bubbahubby had a fun filled week in Florida. They're both all tan and smiling with that happy, well rested glow.


Yesterday at the grocery store, I was proud to come out of there having spent only $126, saving $14 with coupons. However, I nearly had a massive coronary on the dairy aisle. I paid $5.58 for a pack of cheese.

Plain, Kraft American Cheese. 24 slices. Individually wrapped.


Ain't no damned sense in that chit ya'll. It's not even good cheese. The next time I visit the grocery store, I'll be checking the deli cheese selections. They can't be any more expensive. And that gooey, yummy, homestyle mac n' cheese I love to make for Ma and the Amazon?

That ain't happenin' ya'll. It's going to be store brand instant mac n' cheese from now on.

Now that I've worked myself into a fine damn tizzy over the price of cheese, I'm gonna run and get some work done. I found out this morning that due to next week's July 4th holiday, I'll only be working three days. I'd better get caught up when I can.

Ya'll tie a knot and hang on. It's gonna get worse before it gets better... but it will get better.

I promise.

Later Taters.


Meritt said...

Is it sad that part of our stimulus check went for groceries for our family of 5? (3 teens... does that tell you how big our food bills are? LOL).

Mahala said...

I think alot of people are spending theirs on stuff they have to have to survive. It's kinda sad.

Jeni said...

Haven't yet received my check -but it's gonna get earmarked for extra gas money so Mandy and the kids and I can take at least one weekend, maybe two, this summer and be able to visit a couple family members or two.
The cheese thing -we go through a lot of sliced cheese here since the two little ones if fed grilled cheese sandwiches, it's pretty much a guaranteed item they will eat -along with mac'n'che so I purchase the store brand sliced cheese as I don't see any difference in it to the name brand stuff there. I just got 5 packs -12 slices to a pack -for $5.00 this past week here. For cooking purposes, I generally get Velveeta or sometimes, even buy the generic stuff there too -if Velveeta is too stiff in price at times. Grocery shopping, when you're on a tight budget, really sucks swamp water, for sure, doesn't it?

Mahala said...

Yeah.. I don't know what I'd do if I had little ones to feed again. Hang in there Jeni :)

Anonymous said...

Since I'm now living alone, I'm not ashamed to admit I go to Schwann's pantry, the po people's grocery store! I buy my produce from local farmers and go to Entemmens for day old bread.

I go shopping once a month and just pick up milk and eggs and stuff in between.

Have you noticed the price of eggs lately? cripes!!

BetteJo said...

Oh Lord. Went grocery shopping Monday, spent like 350 bucks. But I am almost phobic about going anymore so we needed everything. Still - there went more than half of MY stimulus check!