Deep Breath, A Step Forward

I think I wallowed enough yesterday afternoon to get all of the self-doubt and feelings of doom and gloom out of my system. It's not going to be that bad, at least not for the time being.

The original plan was for both Bubbles and I to be off today, but my one ginormous customer sends their order in late Thursday afternoon, so I volunteered to leave at noon yesterday and work a half day today. Since Bubbles is on vacation next week, I've been told I get to work the whole week, so my next check will only be one day short.. and there's the added bonus of a Bubbles-free five days.


After next week I'll be taking Mondays off until things improve and Bubbles will be off on Fridays, meaning I'll only have to deal with the loud mouthed dingaling three days a week.

Oh.. speaking of Dingalingous Maximus, I over heard her gushing and fawning over the GM yesterday over the decision to go to four day weeks rather than lay offs. Ya'll know how it goes.. last hired, first to go.

Bubbles would have been the first casualty.

Anywho, she gushed and ooooed and awed and did everything short of dropping to her knees at his feet when he looked at her with annoyance and told her not once, but twice, that it wasn't his decision and if he'd had his way there would have been lay offs.

Can you say.. DISSED?

But.. did she take the hint and shut up?


"I just want ya'll to know how truly blessed I am to have a job to go to and I know the families of all those fellers out yonder appreciate.. blah blah blah..."

The GM? He rolled his eyes and walked off while her lips were still moving.

Maybe it sounds a little cruel, but there's not an ounce of sincerity in anything she says and I think.. hope.. people are starting to see through it.

If things continue to progress as they are, we will end up in a lay off situation before the end of next month. If that happens, I'll be flying solo in the sales department again, but I'll be back to working a full week. In the meantime, I'll be using the extra time off to work on Twisted Mare.

Everything happens for a reason.

I'm going to run now and enter this big whopper of a sales order. Ya'll have good one.

Later Taters!