Sweet Smells and Container Gardens

I went out at lunch and I discovered something amazing. I know how heaven smells now. It's a delicate mixture of honeysuckle, wild Cherokee roses and the aroma you get when a cool, early spring day is covered with a light blanket of mist.

You can't get that in a bottle ya'll.

It's been busy 'round the Asylum this morning. I reckon the Canadian economy is booming because I've been flooded with orders from up yonder. My territory includes the northern U.S., all of Canada and anyone who calls in from another country that Louise can't understand.


Weekend plans include taking another load of stuff to the dump. I'm slowly getting my front porch cleaned off so that when I walk out the front door, I'll stop feeling like I've stepped onto the set of a documentary called "Appalachian Hillbillies" or "Trailer Trash of the New Millennium." Among the things I'll be haulin' come morning are a refrigerator, some left over roofing stuff.. in a bucket, a closet door and some scrap wood. The jury's still out on the old Igloo cooler. It's pretty skanky, but it might just need a good bleaching.. or sandblasting. If any critters need to be evicted from the cooler before I can clean it, then it's going to the dump.

Ya'll think I'm kidding. I wish I were.

It looks like I'll have to get up early anyway. The post office is only open from eight 'til like ten on Saturday mornings. My RAM hasn't come yet and the package probably won't fit in my post office box, so I'll have to get there early to pick it up. I needed to go make an appearance anyway, I have to purchase a dime's worth of one cent stamps. I'm tempted to pay with ten pennies.

After I run to the dump and to the post office, I might stop by the local home and garden store. I need some veggie plants for my container garden project. If they don't have any, I'll have to pick up some seeds at the local market, which will probably cost me more than any produce I actually grow. I know it seems weird that I live on a half acre of land, yet I'm planning to grow veggies in pots sitting around the perimeter of the front porch, but it's that snake thing. I just know I'll chicken out about half way through the summer and not be able to force myself to get out there and weed it properly... and it's not like I've got my own bubbahubby to send out to the garden.

Anywho... Bubbles has apparently walked away from her desk after cranking the volume of her web radio. I am not fond of the wife leavin', dog dyin' genre but to each his own. It's just a shame that even with earbuds and Skynard I can still hear the loud, whiney arsed crap screaming from her cubicle... and she's not even over there. I'm tempted to go rip her speakers out of her computer (she'd have to call IT to come from the other plant to fix it, she'd never figure it out) and while I'm over there, steal all the chewing gum she's got stashed in her desk. I swear to all that's Holy, she sounds like she's having a friggen gum gasm over there with her face full of Juicy Fruit.

Am I the only one who's mother threw shoes at them if they popped gum?

I'm going to go sit on the front porch for a while.. clear my head.. get some air.. take in the honeysuckle and Cherokee rose aroma of Frog Pond Holler. Ya'll have a great weekend.

Later Taters.


Dianne said...

you make the scent sound so wonderful!

have a great weekend Lady, you deserve it :)

terri said...

We didn't get shoes thrown at us but the threat of having the gum forcibly removed from our mouths was always there.

Bah said...

Drink some honeysuckle nectar for me. *sigh*

Travel said...

We should work on figuring out how to bottle it.

When something is so nasty that you have to clean it to take it to the dump, that is nasty.


BetteJo said...

Did you say "gum gasm"??? Too funny!

Honeysuckle Rose said...

To me, if you pop your gum, you get a smack upside the head. No discussion.

kenju said...

You paint some mighty good word pictures, woman!

DG said...

Chewin' gum in church was considered a sin. I was threatened with almighty hellfire and brimstone.

And I still chewed it.

Meritt said...

Nice to see someone else has to deal with stupid Saturday hours at the post office.

Our is like, 7:45 - 9:45 or something stupid like that. I've never made it there on time on a Saturday. Ever.

Joy T. said...

Poppin and smackin your gum = a smack upside the head....when I was growing up. Ah the good ol days.