Same Old Song and Dance

It's the dawn of a new day ya'll.

Before we jump right in there, I feel the need to clarify some things. As I read yesterday's post it dawned on me (like a brick upside the head) that ya'll don't know me from Adam and for all you know, Bubbles might be on to something.

Let me assure you that aside from the fact that I have more internet identities than I can keep up with, I do not have multiple personality disorder. I know ya'll realize that, but it makes me feel better knowing I've put it out there.

Now if you wanna talk mood swings, that's another subject entirely. I've got mood swings that would make you call 1-900-NODEMON for an exorcism. I think they call that being a stressed out human being, trying to find their square peg place in a round hole world.

For the past few months, at least, I've been plagued by guilt and general unhappiness at work. I've questioned my ability to get along with anyone, I've sat with my earbuds in, my head hung low and scurried around with my tail between the legs.

No more.

Those of you who've been around here for a while recognize this as the normal ebb and flow of my life. I go through these periods of self doubt, I allow myself to get down and eventually I come out of it. I dwell too much on my own problems with organized religion, which seem to fester while working in an environment where you're no one if you don't attend church, whether you walk the walk or not. Talking the talk seems to be the priority.

I don't judge others for their beliefs but the problem is, it seems to be okay for everyone else to judge me.

Finey dokey. If their God tells them that's how the game is played, then play on I say. But as for me, I believe it's a dangerous thing when you start trying to live up to the standards of others while shunning the truth residing in your heart, for the sake of appearance.

I've said all this before and I apologize for the redundancy (is that a word?) Every so often I have to remind myself of who I am, what I believe and know that I am indeed good enough for the people in this town. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone I can really vent to, other than Lulu and this is a subject we're better served avoiding.

So ya'll are it.

Anywho, I feel better now. Cleansed even. Thanks for the ear.. erm.. eyes.. crap.. ya'll know what I mean.

Later Taters.